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Nice to see you here! Dallas software application company Interaria develops custom solutions for web and mobile. We meet the needs of even the most challenging projects with custom web application development, mobile app development and enterprise level content management solutions. Large and complex projects don’t scare us.


Dallas Web Design & Application Development

Web App Interaria is a leading Web developer of database driven Web applications in Dallas and Austin, Texas. Our PHP/MySQL database driven Web applications integrate with the Interaria Content Management System for our clients to be able to independently manage important data variables. Custom web application development is our core passion.

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Dallas web design company Interaria has been developing content management solutions since 2005 and is a leading enterprise CMS development company in Dallas and Austin, Texas. Unlike many off-the-shelf CMS solutions, a content management system developed with the Interaria Web Development Framework will not hinder custom design choices, future website architecture growth and the relational management of data variables.

Enterprise web content management system features include advanced text management, digital media management, document management, promotions management, with mobile and social media integration solutions.

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Customer Login Systems     Customer Login Systems
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User Accoun Systems     User Account Systems
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Search Feature Systems     Search Feature Systems
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Scheduling Systems     Scheduling Systems
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Financial Calculators     Financial Calculators
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Shipping Calculators     Shipping Calculators
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Auction Management Systems     Auction Management Systems
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Business Directories     Business Directories
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Our Work

Dupree Dance

Dupree Dance
Dupree Dance is embarking on its 35th year in the dance industry and has earned an outstanding reputation of excellence for conducting high caliber conventions and competitions in cities throughout the United States. Interaria was called in...
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Cornea Consultants of Texas

Cornea Consultants of Texas
Cornea Consultants of Texas, led by Dr. Aaleya Koreishi, provides cutting-edge treatments for complete range of routine and complex anterior eye diseases. Interaria created a modern, informational website that focuses on educating... View Details

DQ Estimating

DQ Estimating
DQ Estimating is an Austin, Texas based development company of a professional estimating software system DQ2000. Interaria’s web design and development team created a custom web identity design, layout and code...
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Frontier Waterproofing, Inc

Frontier Waterproofing Inc
Interaria has just completed a web design and development project for North Texas based Frontier Waterproofing Inc, a historical masonry restoration company. Our team created a custom...
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Meet n’ Mix
Interaria has developed an extensive web application driven online dating and singles events site, Meet n’ Mix. Singles may join Meet n’ Mix by registering and creating a member...
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Austin, Texas based engineering company SensorTran is a global supplier of fiber optic-based distributed monitoring solutions. Customers benefiting from SensorTran’s DTS technology include many of the world's larges...
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Design & Technology

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Social Media River

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Full Web Services


Dallas web design company Interaria develops full production Web media with an emphasis on modern brand building Web design, dynamic database driven Web application development and cross-device usability. Our website and mobile media services integrate SEO and social media engagement.

Web Applications


Interaria is a PHP/MySQL driven Web development agency servicing Dallas, Texas. PHP/MySQL is today one of the leading dynamic programming languages for developing database driven content rich Web sites & Web applications. Interaria is a leading PHP/MySQL application developer.

Content Management


Interaria offers enterprise level website content management for business with robust integrated document and digital asset management features. We are a leading content management solutions provider and content management software developer in both Dallas and Austin, Texas.

Interaria is a brand driven Web design company. Establishing and further developing your company’s brand identity and marketing message for the Web and online media is our key focus and interest. We want to make sure to develop a solid Web design plan and strategy that builds upwards from the identified and set marketing goals and expectations vs. relying on some pre-existing or stereotypical ideas that we might have about your field of business. At Dallas Web design company Interaria our focus is to establish concept and identity that can be carried through the entire site, building a consistent visual presence and brand message for the Web and preferable cross-media.

Dallas Web Design Company Interaria sees solid brand messaging as an act of creating and sending out an invitation to join. In fact, according to our view, the consumer or target audience should not feel targeted but rather feel invited to join the company message and its value building promise. Solid brand messaging aims to understand and pinpoint the audience’s taste and needs, and create a message that they can recognize, identify, distinguish, notice, and ultimately choose and want to join. What ever the style and content of the message, it should always come across confident and consistent in order to rise up from the noise of other competing and often compelling messages in a potentially very crowded market place and saturated business environment.

Take a quick look into our Dallas Web Design Portfolio to view results of our modern, corporate and professional Web design and Web development services.

Five Design Principles for Effective Website Layout Design
Dallas Web Design Company Interaria regards that designing an effective website layout requires establishing a balanced synergy among several design principles. We have modeled these principles below into five clusters:

1) Modern "genre" (concept and style) driven layout design principle: Establishing a layout style that is valued in the current stream of online media. Strictly avoiding dated "old" layout concepts.

2) Industry driven layout design principle: Understanding industry specific concepts and styles.

3) Demographics driven layout design principle: Basing layout design concepts on the understanding of the visitor’s age, sex, location and surfing behavior.

4) Brand identity driven layout design principle: A) Establishing creative ways to integrate company’s (client’s) identity elements to the layout; B) Approaching the layout design as a brand differentiating identity factor in re-enforcing the brand.

5) Hardware and software driven layout design principle: Taking into account several technical and functional criteria such as the age and type of computers that will be used to surf the website, use of mobile devices, typically used resolution settings, importance of overall visual impact, requirements to change an established scale in the future.

Layout design provides walls for the house — it is a highly significant phase in the process of creating effective customized Web media that has a long online lifespan.

To contact Dallas Web Design & Development Company Interaria, please call 214-909-3900 or click here to fill our contact form.

Web Architecture Design Brings In Aesthetic, Functional and Technical Balance
Offering expert Web design and Web development and database services in Dallas and DFW metrioplex area, Interaria regards Web architecture design as an important phase in establishing creative balance in all Web site elements, and ultimately in the final product. Web architecture design develops and tests our project files against three criteria: aesthetic (visual), functional and technical.

For instance, let’s say we are to design a call-to-action icon that includes text: The aesthetic criterion would be that the call-to-action icon looks visually appealing and engaging to tricker action, and is balanced and parallel to the company’s brand identity; the functional criterion would be that the web site visitor finds the information on the icon relevant and can easily read the text and click on the link(s); the technical criterion would be that the call-to-action icon can be programmed with modern Web programming language(s), and that there is a clear technical plan in place with regards to how the icon can be updated. In essence, a solid web site architecture is advocacy for all three criteria. If one of the criteria is not fully met, Interaria takes the web site element or section under the development back to the drawing board and further develops that feature until it meets the standards outlined in each criterion.

Dallas Web Design Company Interaria regards that web sites designed and developed against these three criteria will be more successful in engaging customers and establishing a solid platform for marketing and informing. The larger the scale for the web development project, the more of importance it is to go through this process in detail for establishing Web media that has a long, organic online lifespan.

We boost aesthetic, functional and technical balance with our step-by-step development process by:

Step 1: Basing Web designs on real marketing ideas and understanding on the client’s brand identity. Providing detailed Web design files that illustrate the look and feel of the web site in detail before any coding work begins.

Step 2: Utilizing only the very latest Web coding languages. Coding database driven Web applications for dynamic customized user-experiences. Providing custom Content Management solutions.

Step 3: Critically testing all developed features. Always encouraging feedback. Launching the final Internet media product only upon a complete and clear approval by the client and the entire Interaria Web design & development team.

Website Growth Strategy in Dallas, Texas
It is quite common that when we are proposed with a website design & development project, the project begins with an idea of a modest site map and page structure. As the project evolves and as we and the client get more and more inside the project (vs. assessing it from the outside) the need for the site growth becomes apparent. If this happens already within few months, one can understand that an active company needs a website that is developed on a dynamic framework and based on solid planning and strategy to ensure site growth in the coming months (and years).

Website’s content development and growth is also important in order to maintain higher postions in search engine rankings. Since the launch of Google’s recent search indexing engine Google Caffeine, Google appreciates fresh new relevant text content.

Specifically, Interaria’s Web architecture design — in the contect of solid Web site content and page growth — is planned to:

  • Create Menu bar designs that can be easily expanded with new links to new web pages. For instance, when designing side menu bars for a website, Interaria doesn’t lock the graphics but makes sure that the graphics expand along with the new link content.
  • Make sure that new much longer titles will not create visual or functional problems. Develop a proper scale and spatial dimensions for content placements.
  • Make sure that the developed content management system is equipped to handle uploading much longer pieces of text than currently available.
  • Make sure that the client has an ability to change text and title styles according to new needs.
  • Make sure that all slide shows and visual conten can be updated and / or expanded.
  • Enable the Web design client to generate new web pages without any coding skills by using the Interaria CMS (certain restrictions apply).

Dynamic Website Architecture Design for Interactive User Experience
User experience is a subjective feeling, outcome of experiencing website’s identity, layout and architecture design. Dynamic Web Architecture Design places its focus specifically on this outcome by emphasizing interactivity specified by the user’s actions. With the term Dynamic Web Design expert Dallas based Web design, Web development and database services company Interaria refers to the design process that plans out the interaction of dynamic, typically data base driven, Web features with the website user.

Our dynamic Dynamic Web Architecture Design includes:

  • Customer Login Area Design
  • Member Registration Flow Design
  • My Account Design and Interactivity
  • Online Form Design and Interactivity
  • Menu Bar Design and Interactivity
  • Shopping Cart Design and Interactivity
  • Search Features Interactivity Design
  • Save Search Results Features Interactivity Design
  • Web Application Interface Designs
  • Use of Cookies
  • Social Media Interactivity
  • Location Widgets

To contact Web Design & Development Agency Interaria, please call 214-909-3900 in Dallas, DFW or click here to fill our contact form.

If you are investing in a web site design project, and intend to use your website for several years to come, make sure you are not basing you decision making only to what you see outside. At Dallas Web design company Interaria we make sure your company gets top of the line website code that utilizes latest data-driven web technologies. For instance, we are very excited about the new HTML5 code language and want to make sure your company’s website is always coded with the most recent web technology.

At Dallas Web design company Interaria our code solutions include HTML5, XHTML, XML, CSS, AJAX, Flash, PHP, ASP, MySQL

Close communication between all the Interaria Web design & development team members, both the creative and the technical, translates to your company as a final product with all visual and technical elements in balance. Our design phase doesn’t end until the website is launched and the website is completely finalized. With Dallas Web design company Interaria you will never be disappointed in how different the final result is from the original art files that were presented to you. At Dallas Web design company Interaria our flow between the creative and the technical is smooth, and we’ve gone through the process many times!

To contact Dallas Web Design & Development Company Interaria, please call 214-909-3900 or click here to fill our contact form.

Dallas Web design company Interaria is a PHP/MySQL driven Web development agency. At Dallas Web design company Interaria our team codes efficiently in PHP/MySQL programming languages to create even the most demanding data base driven modern Web technology solutions.

Developing your company’s Web site code with a database driven code language — such as PHP/MySQL — literally puts your company into the driver’s seat with almost endless possibilities of dynamic features where to drive and take your company. In short, your Web site’s dynamic data driven base make it possible to develop and integrate a variety of dynamic user features and Web applications that increase your Web site’s levels of interactivity, manageability, and personalized custom feel.

Dallas based Web design agency Interaria recommends to have your company’s Web site developed on a PHP/MySQL code platform if your company (ever) considers to:
  • Grow text, document and image content on the Web site
  • Update the Web site frequently
  • Share the update responsibility by many staff members within the company
  • Post password protected data for customers
  • Create a customer registration system with customer "My accounts"
  • Create dynamic online forms that adjust and collect information based on already given answers
  • Provide messages to customers or members based on their user behavior on the site
  • Create search and save functionalities to product catalog or other listings
  • Create an online store
  • Manage store inventory by utilizing a Web based application
  • Store contact form inquiries for customer relations management and analysis
  • Develop social networking functionalities
  • Develop Web based applications for internal company needs
  • ... and more.

Interaria is an experienced PHP/MySQL developer in the Dallas, DFW metroplex. PHP/MySQL is today one of the industry leading dynamic programming languages for building database driven content rich Web sites and Web applications. PHP and MySQL are open source computer programming languages which means that thousands of PHP/MySQL code developers and engineers worldwide contribute to the development of the language, making it richer, more adaptable and more dynamic than any other database coding language combinations. Companies and institutions worldwide are choosing to develop their Web sites utilizing PHP/MySQL. For instance, Facebook supports and utilizes PHP/MySQL and has also contributed back to the PHP/MySQL development. Utilizing and developing PHP/MySQL code doesn’t require purchasing any licensing or software. The open source nature of the code in also friendly for smaller businesses with tight development budgets.

To contact Dallas Web Design & Development Company Interaria, please call 214-909-3900 or click here to fill our contact form.

Web Design Dallas agency Interaria specializes in designing websites that require secure user registration and user login areas, following with user accounts and user pages according to the specifications of the website’s business model. For instance, user accounts are needed if your site offers member-specific customizable data that cannot be accessed by unregistered visitors. Examples of type of website that utilize user acounts are many; the most common include websites with online stores, game websites, social networking websites, online directories, discussion forums, and any other sites where the business model finds it beneficial that frequent visitors or clients have member accounts in place that allow them to login to access their member specific data.

Your company might want to provide information and documents securely on your website for specified clients, customers or accounts. A Client Account system let’s you set up password protected client accounts for each of your client and post client specific documents and information to their private online Web page. With a clean, easy-to-use back-end interface posting documents for clients is easy and hassle-free. We can develop a hierarchy system for different levels of file types, such as files to be posted for all clients, files to be posted for specific type of clients, and files to be posted only for one specific client account.

To contact Dallas Web Design & Development Company Interaria, please call 214-909-3900 or click here to fill our contact form.

Web Design Dallas company Interaria specializes in developing fully customized database driven Content Management Systems (CMS) that increase the life span and dynamic nature of the website. With a dynamic Content Management Solution in place, our Dallas Web design & development clients are not looking at a static website but are able to manage and increase the content on their site without any ties to us or our website and without any requirements for HTML coding skills.

Interaria’s CMS features set our Dallas Web design & development clients independently to:
  • add and edit their website’s text content
  • post, re-organize, delete and re-size their website’s image content
  • manage and expand their project portfolios (always a custom solution based on client’s needs)
  • manage and expand their product catalogs (always a custom solution based on client’s needs)
  • manage and expand their team and staff pages
  • post, organize and index/catgorize (for search results) newsletters, press releases, resource documents
  • upload photos with titles and text descriptions to a slide show
  • generate new subpages with new content
  • publish content for public or turn its status ’off-line’

- This is all done through a custom designed, password protected special Admin interface that resides in the client’s website and web server, and all without any requirements for HTML skills or code knowledge.

To reach Interaria in Dallas, DFW metroplex for your next project, please call 214-909-3900 or click here to fill our contact form.

Dallas Web Design agency Interaria has a strong background as a HTML5 animation and HTML5 media company. We’ve been developing HTML5 media practically since the birth of HTML5. New web developers today are not familiar with HTML5 and hence they typically rely only on available Flash components on the market that appear similar. If your company needs custom HTML5 animations or if your company runs HTML5 video that need updates, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can provide you objective insight on the latest development of HTML5, and its role and use on the Web media as of today. We are available to meet with you in Dallas.

To view Interaria’s HTML5 Web design and animation work (to name few), visit our Portfolio case studies for SensorTran and Revitalize Laser..

To contact Dallas Web Design & Development Company Interaria, please call 214-909-3900 or click here to fill our contact form.

A growing number of consumers are accessing Internet and visiting websites via iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices. Web media can be specifically designed and developed for this group of users by optimizing the content and message according to the iPhone’s framework for content and navigation structure.

Typically an iPhone portal (version) of a website is automatically launched when checking a website via an iPhone. Taking into account the size of the iPhone’s visual interface and navigation logic, mobile media versions are often lighter with Web content and follow a strong structural logic. Generally a visitor is provided also with a link to the mother site to view full content via an internet browser.

An alternative or additional route is to develop an iPhone application. Typically iPhone applications feature data driven content designed to interact with the user. The producer of an iPhone "app" needs to submit the application to Apple’s application library where it can then be downloaded by the consumer. It may be a challenge to direct a consumer to download an app but once downloaded, the consumer loyalty and frequency of use may be greater due to the significant placement for the app on the iPhone screen interface.

Please contact Dallas Web design company Interaria, to discuss your company’s mobile media needs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of improving visibility of a web site or a web page in search engines via natural or un-paid search results. Dallas Internet consulting company Interaria is committed to SEO and improving our Dallas Web design & development clients’ web site rankings. At Dallas Web design company Interaria our SEO work in always fully customized to the needs and goals of our Dallas Web design & development clients. Interaria’s SEO work includes both technical coding and indexing work, along with strategical and practical recommendations on developing content and link rich web sites. For instance, did you know that Google’s new search engine Google Caffeine searches and indexes web content in a new way, giving more emphasis in search results for local and recently updated content. The new Google indexing system, Google Caffeine is intended to make the search results show more current information faster, drawn from blogs and Twitter and the rest of the social media ecosystem. Check out also our Blog posting on SEO and link building, The Power of Link Building – 5 Things You Should Know.

Please contact Dallas Web design company Interaria at 214-909-3900 to discuss your company’s SEO goals and needs.

Interaria can set your company to a modern, interactive social media environment and ecosystem with the following services:

  • Setting up and customizing social media pages for your company (Twitter, Facebook etc)
  • Incorporating (embedding) blog to your company’s website. Visitor doesn’t have to leave your site to read/subscribe to the blog
  • Setting up and linking to an external blog; there are tons of layouts to choose from, and designs can be customized
  • Social media icon links to Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn / Digg and other social media forums
  • Twitter tweets embedded to the site
  • Share content / articles: Twitter, Facebook, Digg / RSS feeds, other social media
  • Custom advise for brand communication, consistency, dialog and call to action in social media forums
  • Social media marketing / advertising campaigns

To contact Dallas Web Design & Development Company Interaria, please call 214-909-3900 or click here to fill our contact form.

Social media sites and applications provide a powerful platform to connect and engage with customers / consumers / clients / piers. In the beginning things are new and exciting: new followers are showing up in Twitter; Facebook friends feel very supportive; blog posts are fun to write; new applications and integrations such as Digg, StumbleUpon, SlideShare are exciting to discover; Google Caffeine picks up posted social media content fast.

At some point – most likely – just like with exercising, the first excitement fades: new ideas turn harder to come up with, and other "more important" or "more intellectual" work starts eating time and questioning the overall motivation – perhaps categorizing social media participation as gullible, unimportant or just pure entertainment. The mind has its tricks, it turns around coins, and plays for our immediate comfort.

To counter attack and in order to stay in the path of active social media participation it is important to create a routine, hold yourself accountable and track results. Interaria’s Social Media Optimization Kit is designed to approach social media participation from a practical standpoint, and strengthen the lines for commitment and goal setting.

As web developers we can optimize client’s social media applications and interfaces from a technical point of view but our client – or the person or marketing department in charge of the client’s social media content – has to be fully integrated into the process. What eventually sets the company apart from others is the active systematic participation itself; blogging every Tuesday and Friday, tweeting every day, following and commenting interesting web content, showing expertise and commitment. It is our commitment, as social media optimizers, to make sure that our Dallas Web design & development clients are not only informed and educated about their choices but that they also have the tools and set goals to make their social media participation a pleasant task (and yes, a routine) that can lead to successful results.

Our "kit" is a client’s workbook to break social media into smaller, more manageable pieces: it documents motivation, goals, participation activity, and newly created content and links. We meet with our client on a regular basis to go through the progress documented in the workbook, discuss new ideas, and implement any technical changes. In 2 - 3 months of time, we’ll have a good source for tracking the client’s social media participation activity that can be analyzed not only in the context of set marketing goals, but also in the context of the client’s search engine ranking results and client’s site’s traffic. Just like with exercising, some strategies and plans will work better than others. A systematic approach brings clarity to the chosen paths, enforcing goal setting and clarifying direction.

Contact Dallas Web design company Interaria at 214-909-3900, not only for your company’s SEO needs but also for SMO. A well planned active SMO can also support your company’s search engine ranking goals.

As our Web design client you are our top priority. We are at your service with:

  • Phone support, Monday - Friday, 8 am - 6 pm
  • Email support, Monday - Sunday
  • Support via Skype with screen sharing
  • Support via iChat with screen sharing
  • Meeting in person in Dallas (DFW) and Austin metroplex areas
  • Promptly testing and fixing any reported issues
  • Developing, integrating and testing new CMS features and upgrades accordingly

Our response time during business hours and business days for emailing back is about 1 - 2 hours, returning any missed phone calls about 1 - 3 hours, scheduling a conference "webinar" about 1 day, and meeting in person (Dallas or Austin) to discuss your web design / development project about 1 - 3 business days.

To contact us in Dallas, please call 214-909-3900 or fill our Web design contact form.

Need more insight in any matter related to World Wide Web, Web technologies, online marketing, interactive media, mobile media, social media, Web design styles or Web branding choices? Hesitating about your company’s Web hosting or server options that seem too expensive? We offer consulting services also independently and can provide our insight according to your needs for information. You will get honest and straight answers & clear and well-formulated, crystallized view points without any affiliations. Just let us know what your company’s technology / Internet / Web / mobile media interests are and we can provide you a quote for a customized consulting time and deliverables according to your specifications.

Please call 214-909-3900 or click here to fill our contact form. We are based in Dallas, DFW, Texas.

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