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Blogging Package
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Blogging Package

Blogging Package
This blogging package is fully customizable according to your company’s needs based on how much progress you have already made with your blog(s). The blogging social media package may include technical blog set up and configuration services, identity design services, one-on-one consultation on how to take most advantage of the blogging software, social media configuration, and insight and technical configuration services on how to monetize your blog.
Project Item
Choosing Blogging
Choosing between WordPress, Movable Type, TypePad, Blogger, ExpressionEngine, Serendipity etc
Technical Set-Up
Domain name registration
Domain name mapping
Hosting set-up
Using Blogging Software
Creating a blog post
Using trackbacks and pingbacks
Moderating comments
Setting up categories
Indexing keywords
Automatically tweeting a blog post
Posting images
Creating links
Best practice
Design & Architecture
Choosing layout style
Customizing design and layout
Customizing page structure and architecture
Integrating blog(s) to website
Design and Architecture Refinements: Have you over grown your current design and structure?
Social Media
Optimizing Social Media Share Widgets
Optimizing Distribution of Blog Posts in Social Media
Third party widget integrations
Activity Boost
Setting up new blogs and micro-blogs
New sources for writing inspiration
Overcoming obstacles preventing from blocking
Responsibilities: Blogging plan in the company: Who - What - When
Monetizing Blogs
Google AdSense
Amazon’s affiliate program
Private ad sales
Paid member subscriptions
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Please call 214-909-3900. All packages are fully customizable to each client’s specific needs.

Interaria is a web design and social media consulting agency based in Dallas TX with a service area reaching to Austin. We offer consultation via phone, screen sharing, iChat, Skype for companies not in our service area.

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