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Creating Links

Creating website links, interlinks, and email links with the CKEditor text editor within the Interaria CMS is a quick process.
Text Content Management, Text Editor, Linking
Step 1) Highlight the text you want to turn into a link.
Step 2) Click the first globe icon.
Step 3) In the opened panel enter in the link information (instructions below.)

⇒ For creating a website link
Text Content Management, Text Editor, Linking websites      
  • Leave "Link Type" as URL
  • Leave the Protocol drop down panel as http://
  • Type website link to the URL field
  • Click OK


⇒ For interlinking text in bodytext
Text Content Management, Text Editor, Interinking      
  • Leave "Link Type" as URL
  • From the Protocol drop down panel choose "other"
  • Type the page name to the URL field
  • Click OK


⇒ For interlinking text with a special Style
Text Content Management, Text Editor, Linking email      
  • Leave "Link Type" as URL
  • From the Protocol drop down panel choose "other"
  • Type the page name to the URL field
  • Click Advanced Panel, and type in the special link class name to Stylesheet Classes (special names will be provided to you)
  • Click OK


⇒ For creating an email link
Text Content Management, Text Editor, Link Window      
  • Select "E-mail" from "Link Type"
  • On the E-Mail address field, type in the email address
  • Click OK


⇒ For undoing a link
  • Highlight the link and click the second globe (open chain) in the icons panel

  • After you are done editing or adding new links, just click submit.

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