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iPad is the preferred device for surfing the Web for 38% of iPad owners. And this study comes from 2010 and from the UK! You can only guess how much higher the numbers are in April 2011 in the USA (where iPads are more affordable)... Do not ignore this growing user base. Interaria makes sure that your company’s web and online media will display and function optimally on iPads.

iPads have created a significant shift in online user behavior. Cooper Murphy Copywriters polled a study in the UK and found out that iPad was the preferred device for surfing the Web for 38% of iPad owners (http://cmcopywriters.co.uk/ipad-consumer-usage-study). This poll was published in August 2010 and since the launch of iPad 2 one can only assume that the increasing use of iPads for surfing the Internet is a growing trend. Needless to say, today effective Web media needs to be optimized for many mobile devices including the iPad platform.

There are several factors that can be taken into account when designing & developing online media for a cross-device display. Dallas online and mobile media company Interaria is passionate about developing online media that displays and functions optimally on iPads. When developing online media solutions, we make sure to:

  • Choose the correct technologies and programming languages for cross-platform visibility and interactivity
  • Design online media’s scale to optimally display on iPads.
  • Program special iOS applications specifically designed for iPads.
  • Convert older site features such as Flash slideshows to AJAX based for visibility.
  • Explore the potential of new Internet technologies such as HTML5.
  • Optimize online media for fast download speed.

Dallas mobile media & app development agency Interaria would be delighted to discuss further your company’s mobile media needs. Please contact us in Dallas 214-909-3900 or use our online form to reach us.

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