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Social Media Action & Strategy Package
This project package is for companies who already have some presence in social media but are looking for an activity boost with supported and increased use of social media applications, strategy revision, and responsibility sharing. The project revitalizes client’s social media goals and motivation with a new set of tools and a media plan on how to maintain optimal activity.

While it is good to form one overall social media action strategy, this package may also be divided in package clusters: for instance by focusing on Twitter social media strategy alone.
Project Item
Twitter Activity Boost
Refining Skills: Use of hashtags, RT:s, shoutouts and links
Third Party Web Applications 1: Increase and track followers
Third Party Web Applications 2: Automate certain tasks on Twitter
Brand: Identity design, avatar, images
Messaging: Style, authenticity, dialog, call-to-action
Resources: New ideas what and how to tweet
Mobile Apps: Learning to optimally use iPhone and iPad apps for Twitter
Best Practice: Learning Twitter’s policy
Learning: Successful strategies by other Twitter members
Creative Ways to Gain Followers: Hosting a Twitter contest
Responsibilities: Twitter plan in the company: Who - What - When
Goals & Commitment: Setting goals for Twitter use
Facebook Activity Boost
Maximizing Use of Facebook Widgets
Facebook Company Page Interface 1: Developing Custom Facebook Apps
Facebook Company Page Interface 2: Developing Custom Page Tabs
Brand: Use of identity design, avatar, images
Messaging: Refining style, authenticity, dialog, call-to-action
Facebook Resources: New ideas what and how to post messages on Facebook
Mobile Apps: Learning to optimally use iPhone app for Facebook
Best Practice: Learning Facebook’s policy
Learning: Successful strategies by other Facebook members
Responsibilities & Monitoring: Facebook plan in the company: Who - What - When
Facebook Ads: Options and strategy
Corporate LinkedIn
Maximizing employee profiles (image, widgets, network, recommendations)
Networking individual company member profiles to comany profile
Setting goals and tracking data for connections and recommendations
Actively participating to LinkedIn groups, discussions and questions
Assigning networking tasks to social media savvy members of the company
Identifying target audiences for creating communication/sales strategy
Utilizing other social media (Facebook, Twitter) for fostering growth
Integrating LinkedIn widgets to company website and bio profiles
Blog Activity Boost
Need of Blogs: Setting up new blogs and micro-blogs
Design and Architecture Refinements: Have you over grown your current design and structure?
Custom Identity Design, Setting Up Custom Pages, Layout and Style Changes
Use of Blog Software: Learning more about interfaces, techniques, and offered features Recommitment: Resources and new ideas what to blog
Optimizing Social Media Share Widgets
Optimizing Distribution of Blog Posts in Social Media
Responsibilities: Blogging plan in the company: Who - What - When
Monetizing Blogs/Resources: Using Google AdSense, Amazon’s affiliate program, E-Book sales, private ad sales, paid member subscriptions
Social Media
Participating to Local Social Media Micro-Communities
Participating to Industry Driven Social Media Micro-Communities
Participating to Demographics and Life Style Driven Social Media Micro-Communities
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Interaria is a web design and social media consulting agency based in Dallas TX with a service area reaching to Austin. We offer consultation via phone, screensharing, iChat, Skype for companies not in our service area.

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