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Six Steps: Create a Communication & Growth Strategy

Personal tweeters (not companies, or individuals building their professional brand image) are often somewhat critical and sarcastic with their opinions and comments with regards to building any kind of strategy for finding followers, and building up Twitter account. Tweeters with personal accounts believe in an organic way of tweeting, starting from friends, school, and people with similar interests and hobbies. For a company, however, letting a Twitter account build in time by itself without any active strategy can be a PR nightmare. Especially if your company has many people tweeting using the same account (marketing manager, developer, sales director, you), you need to establish a mutually agreed policy on the style, content and follow/be followed policies. Create an active policy for the ratio of professional/personal tweet styles, how much you want to focus on being a valuable resource, how much company promotion tweets contain, will your company ever re-tweet other tweets and so on. Twitter is one channel for interacting with your customers and building your brand image -- make sure you are conscious about the process.

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Dallas web design company Interaria develops full production Web media with an emphasis on modern brand building Web design, dynamic database driven Web application development and cross-device usability. Our website and mobile media services integrate SEO and social media engagement.

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Interaria is a PHP/MySQL driven Web development agency servicing Dallas, Texas. PHP/MySQL is today one of the leading dynamic programming languages for developing database driven content rich Web sites & Web applications. Interaria is a leading PHP/MySQL application developer.

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