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Web Architecture Design

Website architecture & user experience design is rooted to the notion that websites as of today should be developed as dynamic rather than locking a user to a static website that is hard to update and integrate with new content and features.

Web architecture involves technical, aesthetic and functional criteria - just like "traditional" architecture. Your company most likely prefers a website that can be expanded, that can easily be integrated with new content and features, and that recognizes its users different needs. Interaria is passionate about providing database driven Web application solutions that create dynamic user experiences and support the organic growth of Web content and media.

The shift has been to move away from the static brochure thinking to a dynamic web that serves its users with interactivity and latest information. As websites have become more complex and dynamic, the need for solid website architecture planning and user experience design is more important than ever before in order to develop websites that are functional, easy and user-intuitive to use, and can further grow when new content and features are required to be integrated. The need for solid web architecture planning has been so documented that the Web media industry has created a new profession for this phase - a Web architect.

User-Intuitive Navigation and Information Architecture
Establishing aesthetic, authentic and functional balance is very important in our web development process. Interaria collaborates Web architecture planning in a team of Web designers and Web developers in order to make sure that all variables of the Web architecture plan have been mapped and taken into account. Each team member brings into the table their point of views and expertise on usability. Our Web architecture plans are detailed and they take into account several layers such as the website’s future content and page growth, future needs to revise menu systems, user registration flow, dynamic user experience of registered and logged in users/members, and dynamic display of custom messsages.

Interaria provides both front-end and back-end (admin control area) web architecture plans. Specifically during this phase Interaria plans out and designs site structures such as:
  • Web site navigation system and hierarchy design
  • Website’s future interface and content growth
  • Call-to-Action design
  • Data base driven dynamic user interfaces and user-flow design
  • User login areas
  • Member accounts / areas design
  • My Account designs
  • Dynamic messages design
  • Dynamic content by cookies design
  • Shopping Cart design
  • Web application details and design
  • Social media integration and interactive design
  • Flexibility to change layout styles and design styles
  • Requirements for optimal Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Search engine friendly site map and page hierarchy design
The deeper and larger the scale of the website, the more important this phase is. Contact Dallas Web design company Interaria for more information about Web architecture.

For instance, let’s say we are to design a call-to-action icon that includes text: The aesthetic criterion would be that the call-to-action icon looks visually appealing and engaging to tricker action, and is balanced and parallel to the company’s brand identity; the functional criterion would be that the web site visitor finds the information on the icon relevant and can easily read the text and click on the link(s); the technical criterion would be that the call-to-action icon can be programmed with modern Web programming language(s), and that there is a clear technical plan in place with regards to how the icon can be updated. In essence, a solid web site architecture is advocacy for all three criteria. If one of the criteria is not fully met, Interaria takes the web site element or section under the development back to the drawing board and further develops that feature until it meets the standards outlined in each criterion.

Interaria regards Web architecture design as an important phase in establishing creative balance in all Web site elements, and ultimately in the final product. Web architecture design develops and tests our project files against three criteria: aesthetic (visual), functional and technical. Dallas Web Design Company Interaria regards that web sites designed and developed against these three criteria will be more successful in engaging customers and establishing a solid platform for marketing and informing. The larger the scale for the web development project, the more of importance it is to go through this process in detail for establishing Web media that has a long, organic online lifespan.

Interaria boosts aesthetic, functional and technical balance with our step-by-step development process by:
Step 1: Basing designs on real marketing ideas and understanding on the client’s brand identity. Providing detailed design files that illustrate the look and feel of the web site in detail before any coding work begins.

Step 2: Utilizing only the very latest Web coding languages. Coding database driven Web applications for dynamic customized user-experiences. Providing custom Content Management solutions.

Step 3: Critically testing all developed features. Always encouraging feedback. Launching only upon a complete and clear approval by the client and the entire Interaria team.

Establishing aesthetic, functional and technical balance: Case Studies

  • All graphics custom designed. All design files were fully approved before the Web coding work began. Close communication for establishing desired brand identity: all colors and fonts parallel to SpawGlass’ brand identity, and further developed for the Web. (aesthetic)
  • Featured news on the Home page are automatically displayed - a custom feed code from the database driven Interaria content management system. (functional)
  • All images within banners (aesthetic) can be updated by the SpawGlass site administrator by using a database driven content management system (functional). Each banner animates as many images as wanted (technical).
  • Entire content fully managable via Interaria CMS according to approved design styles. (aesthetic, functional, technical)
  • Several custom coded PHP/MySQL database driven Web applications developed for SpawGlass’ unique needs: newsletter upload, events upload system with automatic expiration dates, custom designed and coded portfolio etc. (aesthetic, functional, technical)

  • Custom designed brand identity and layout for Web, codes fully integrated with database driven content management system (aesthetic, functional, technical)
  • Balanced three tab system for featuring Events, News and Press Releases on the Home page without taking over too much screen space (aesthetic, functional). Modern hybrid code solution of Ajax/javascript code integrated with PHP/MySQL driven database code for content management (technical).
  • Home page visual Flash banners custom integrated with database code for content management. (aesthetic, functional, technical)

Anderson Landscapes:
  • Long term commitment to provide visual Web graphic designs that are favored by the client and his audience. Modern, slightly earthy and rustic look. Designs fully approved by the client before coding work began.
  • Functional emphasis on creating SEO friendly site map and key word rich content for online leads.
  • Scrolling text represents a balance of aesthetic, functional, and technical.
  • Image content fast to update without compromising visuals.

Mozart’s Coffee (Example - Coffee section):
  • Ajax coded (technical) visual presentation of coffee blends (aesthetic) integrated with custom coded database driven content management system for easy updates (functional). The list of coffees is not limited to any number or set pixels (functional).
  • Each symbol element for coffee is coded in a manner that it can be created by using CMS. (aesthetic, functional, technical)

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