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Website Consulting Web Development Consulting >
Our web development process begins with plenty of time for questions and answers; from gaining understanding on the client’s business and goals for the website, introducing our work methods, to going through practical and technical questions.
Website Features Planning Site Features >
Identifying a site map for website development, web identity design requirements, and needs for web application development and CMS helps to establish a mutually succesful web development project and the final product.
Website Content Content Development >
The more idea your company has about the type of content (text, images, links, PDFs, social media) your website should feature, the better we can design web identity, web architecture, and SEO strategy to accommodate these needs.
Website Identity Brand & Web Identity >
Solid brand messaging and web identity design aims to understand and pinpoint your target audience’s taste and needs, and create a message that they can recognize, identify, distinguish, notice, and ultimately choose and want to join.
Website Architecture Website Architecture >
Website architecture & user experience design is rooted to the notion that websites as of today should be developed as dynamic rather than locking a user to a static website that is hard to update and integrate with new content and features.
Website Layout Design Website Layout Design >
An effective website layout establishes a balanced synergy among several design principles: 1) Modern Genre Design, 2) Industry Driven Design, 3) Demographics Driven Design, 4) Brand Identity Design, and 5) Tehcnical Design Framework.
Website Growth Strategy Website Growth Strategy >
Website content growth strategy addresses needs for developing a solid web architecture design and content management system. Your website should be designed and coded in ways that allows seamless content growth and integration.
3D Animation 3D Animation >
Interaria provides 3D design and animation services. 3D animations are typically designed and coded with After Effects or Maya software, and then exported to web video. We offer both 3D product and 3D brand identity animation services.
Website Animation Web Animation >
Flash is no longer the only technology platform for creating animations and interactivity. AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) and HTML5 Web technologies are bringing in new ways to create animations and interactivity.
Web Logo Design Logo Design >
Our logo design work is typically carried through as a part of a web design and development project. If your company already has a logo but you would like to have it re-designed or converted to a vector format, this is also possible.
Web Code Development Web Code Development >>
Interaria develops web and mobile media on modern technology platforms. The base level functionality of each website is typically coded in XHTML 1.0 Strict or HTML5, and then further developed with PHP/MySQL database driven codes.
Web Applications Web Applications >>
Today a modern user interactive website is developed on a database code platform which enables development of many data driven custom Web applications to expand the website’s features and usability. Interaria is a PHP/MySQL expert.
Website Content Management Systems (CMS) Content Management Systems (CMS) >>
Content Management System streamlines web updates. Interaria’s CMS solutions support Advanced Text Content Management, Digital Media Management, Document Management, Promotions Management and more.
Mobile Media Solutions Mobile Media >>
A growing number of consumers are accessing Internet and visiting websites via iPhones and iPads. Web media can be specifically designed and developed for this group of users by investing in cross-platform or iOS app development.
Social Media Dallas Social Media >>
Our social media design, development, consulting and management services foster active use of Twitter, regular blogging, community portal pages, and using Facebook as a forum to connect with customers.
Website Consulting SEO & SEM >>
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves visibility of a web site or a web page in search engines. Interaria utilizes a 4-Step Process developed by our SEO team for improving our client’s search engine ranking results.
Website User Testing User Testing >
User testing of the website before the site lauch is an important process to pinpoint inconsistencies in user experiences, further hone data driven features, fix website copy, and update the website content with latest information.
Website Consulting Web Hosting >
Our promise: you will always know where your site is hosted and we guarantee that your name will be the name of the owner and contact when registering to a web host account and even more importantly, your domain name(s).
Website Launch Launch Steps >
A systematic website launch makes sure that the transition phase between your old and new website is as short as possible, and that all technical setting changes to the hosting/server environment are carried through in a controlled manner.
Website Updates Support & Updates >
After your site is successfully launched, Interaria stands by to make updates to your site, work on SEO and SMO, and provide technical support to any questions. We support content growth and site development with new user features.

Design and Coding in
Seamless Synergy

Since we started our company back in 2004 we’ve been a brand design driven web media company. Interaria’s design driven approach doesn’t mean compromises on the technologies and codes used, quite the contrary.

We began developing web media on a PHP/MySQL database platform already in 2005 to be able to deliver custom web applications in order to create online directories, discussion forums, and Admin area control over websites’ user accounts and contents. During the years our web application driven approach has only strengthened.

Today our mission is to integrate custom web design with custom database driven web applications and content management systems to meet with our clients’ often demanding online media needs, including database driven mobile media and social media solutions.

Interaria is based in Dallas, Texas, with a service area (and an active client base) reaching to Austin.

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Full Web Services


Dallas web design company Interaria develops full production Web media with an emphasis on modern brand building Web design, dynamic database driven Web application development and cross-device usability. Our website and mobile media services integrate SEO and social media engagement.

Web Applications


Interaria is a PHP/MySQL driven Web development agency servicing Dallas, Texas. PHP/MySQL is today one of the leading dynamic programming languages for developing database driven content rich Web sites & Web applications. Interaria is a leading PHP/MySQL application developer.

Content Management


Interaria offers enterprise level website content management for business with robust integrated document and digital asset management features. We are a leading content management solutions provider and content management software developer in both Dallas and Austin, Texas.