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Website Code Development

Dec 2011: Please visit our Web Development section for the latest information. This page is no longer updated.

Interaria utilizes XHTML, HTML5, XML, CSS3, AJAX, Flash, PHP, MySQL code and programming languages — always providing the most optimal Web code solutions:
  • Optimized Web Graphics: Optimized Web Graphics for the Web with pixel level precision for speeding page load times.

  • Custom XHTML programming: Custom coded Extensible HTML (XHTML) coded page layout structure optimized for decreasing page load times.

  • Custom CSS programming: Custom coded Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) for defining the website’s look and style in one centralized file.

  • SSI / PHP programming: Custom coded Server Side Includes (PHP) which breaks the XHTML coded page into sections which further increases page caching and speeds load times.

  • Custom Javascript, AJAX programming & Widgets: Custom coded HTML and javascript for the display of Flash elements. AJAX image viewing systems. AJAX based dynamic components.

  • PHP/MySQL driven dynamic Web development and custom Web applications

Dallas Web design company Interaria works with all modern and most recent Web development and graphics design programs — always obtaining a legal software contract with each software provider — such as:
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, Adobe Fireworks CS5, Adobe Flash CS5 Professional, Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional, Apple Logic Pro Studio, Apple Final Cut Pro Studio, Apple Quicktime Pro, Sorenson Squeeze, BBEdit

Cross-Platform Development
We are a Mac based design and development studio but do utilize several PCs for user testing and making sure our sites are coded compatibale to different browsers, new and slightly older.

Visual and Technical Balance;
Close communication between all the Interaria team members, both the creative and the technical, means to your company a final result where the visual and technical are in balance. Our design phase doesn’t end until the website is launched and the website is completely finalized. With Interaria you will never be disappointed in how different the final result is from the original art files that were presented to you. Our flow between the creative and the technical is smooth, and we’ve gone through the process many times!

Don’t hesitate to contact Dallas Web design company Interaria for more information about different web technologies and code solutions.