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Third Party Developed Web Application Integrations

Integrating a 3rd-party interface to your company website would typically mean that the interface is displayed to your company’s website but the actual code is received and processed by a 3rd-party provider via another Web server than your company’s.

Companies have many reasons to go with a 3rd-party solution, most often the reason being that 3rd-party solutions are widely used on the client’s industry and without the integration the company would not be stepping up to the competition.

Another frequent reason to go with a 3rd-party solution can be financial: it might be more cost-effective both from the financial and time-management point of views to license user rights for a use of certain Web application rather than to develop it from a scratch. Depending on the interface and/or application, they can typically be skinned and customized to certain extent. Most commonly we might be able to change colors, and font types and sizes to better match and reflect your company’s online messaging.

 Examples of 3rd-party website components: 
  • Real Estate MLS interfaces
  • Searches to industry specific data bases (such as automotive and diamond industry resources)
  • Mortgage applications
  • Insurance applications
  • School entry applications
  • Financial forms and calculators
  • Online maps and driving instructions
  • RSS News feeds
  • RSS Weather reports
  • Date Stamps
  • Online Advertising
  • Discussion Forums
  • Blogs

Interaria is here to integrate third-party code seamlessly to your website and customize the user experience to the highest possible extent. We have previous development experience on application and component integrations and know what it takes.