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The Heart of a User Interactive Website is an Effective and Functional My Account System.

Interaria is an experienced user account system designer. Typically user accounts are designed as a user’s centralized control panel for the website where they can store data, receive summary reports, take further action, and keep their profile data up to date. User accounts should be intuitive to use with tabs, proper formatting, call-to-action links, an integrated feel and navigation with the rest of the website, and they need to function optimally. Interaria’s user account web application design and development services include a full production of all required elements such as a custom design, user account layout style and information architecture structure and a PHP/MySQL database developed and integrated web code.

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Interaria created a full production website for Meet n’ Mix where members register to the website by using an online registration form or alternatively a Facebook integrated social registration system.

StudentLoanList connects students with donors. Registration to the site gives students the opportunity to list their student loan debt for donors, and donors to begin the donation process. Interaria provided a full code solution.

Interaria created a full production website for America’s Best Express where customers create an account and schedule a courier delivery service.

Interaria created a user login system for Revitalize Laser for registered users to register (create an account) and access special promotions.

FootballPot.com is an online game platform for football pool fanatics. To host a game or to participate, one needs to register to the site. Interaria provided a full code solution.

Interaria developed and coded Fishermens Network website where users can register and review fishing guides.

Interaria has developed several employee portal systems for internal use by our clients.

Most websites developed by Interaria feature a user login system for the site’s admin to access their CMS system and Admin control panel (Master My Account page).

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Interaria developed a full custom solution for online ordering of the program material and online management of the user accounts.

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Interaria’s agile project development approach fosters receptiveness to feedback and new ideas, leading to a user acceptance and long-term usability of the final web and/or mobile application system.

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Dallas web design company Interaria develops full production Web media with an emphasis on modern brand building Web design, dynamic database driven Web application development and cross-device usability. Our website and mobile media services integrate SEO and social media engagement.

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Interaria is a PHP/MySQL driven Web development agency servicing Dallas, Texas. PHP/MySQL is today one of the leading dynamic programming languages for developing database driven content rich Web sites & Web applications. Interaria is a leading PHP/MySQL application developer.

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Interaria offers enterprise level website content management for business with robust integrated document and digital asset management features. We are a leading content management solutions provider and content management software developer in both Dallas and Austin, Texas.