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HTML5 Drag-and-Drop Feature Explained

HTML5 Drag and DropOne of the most tangible and neat features of the new HTML5 is its capabilities to support drag-and-drop features. HTML5 drag-and-drop feature is defined as an “action of a mousedown event that is followed by a series of mousemove events, and the drop could be triggered by the mouse being released.” (W3C)

For instance, by utilizing HTML5 technology a user may drag online store items to a shopping cart, organize lists of objects in a visual manner, and enjoy different types of online board games that simulate real life playing situations. For uploading images and sending attachments HTML5 is really neat: imagine uploading images from your desktop by simply dragging them to the web page without the need to click buttons such as “browse” and “upload”. HTML5 is turning the user experience from operational to user-intuitive, softening the lines between tangible and virtual.

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