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Website and Web Application Benchmark Testing

All websites and integrated web applications developed by the Interaria team are tested against several criteria such as clean code, web page loading times, security, and overall user experience and usability.

Interaria’s technical website testing process includes systematically troubleshooting any website problems originating either from the code or the set server. During the development process, each web application goes through a documented benchmark testing to make sure that the web applications function optimally and that they include all required and outlined feature set systems.

The benchmark testing includes scalability planning and testing to make sure that the website and integrated web applications can handle increased data input and user increase.

The benchmark testing also includes security testing that makes sure that all applicable web applications such as payment and billing systems are optimally secured according to the industry standard practices.

The website testing for speed makes sure that the website and all integated web applications load fast to reach the most optimal loading speeds. Interaria utilizes Google PageSpeed application for testing web page load times.

If your site has special user groups with special requirements for using the Web such as the case with users with vision impairments, we will take this into account during the Web architecture planning and mapping, and test the development results against the criteria set in the associated testing standards.

If your company would like to have organized emphatic user research such as shadowing and observation of the target audience’s use of the website, we welcome this as a very positive step to receive additional feedback and further development documentation.

Interaria utilizes Adobe Browser Lab software for effecient cross-browser testing and W3C Validator for code testing. Depending on the project goals, our testing also includes fully troubleshooting and benchmarking any developed iOS mobile app, native app, or website displayed on mobile platform. We utilize Adobe Device Central CS5.5 software for mobile platform testing.

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