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Mobile Media Development for iPhone 4 and 4S Retina Displays

Higher pixel density Retina screens (on iPhone 4 and 4S) require special coding of images.

When developing a new website or mobile application it is important that the solutions are developed alongside the very latest information on the industry standards, technologies and user’s hardware. For instance, the recent iPhone 4 and 4S feature Apple’s Retina Display with a higher pixel density than found on many other available smartphones. This higher pixel density means that images on the iPhone 4 and 4S have the potential to look much sharper than on the “older” iPhone 3GS and other smartphones.

When developing mobile media, Dallas mobile app developer Interaria provides codes that aid the user’s smartphone to display the most optimal resolution of any image. In detail, we code two different image sizes for each displayed image. We apply an extension on the higher resolution image along with CSS3 code so that the mobile browsers can tell the difference. This way images will look perfect on older smartphones with lower pixel density screens and great when viewed on devices featuring Apple’s Retina Display.

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