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Agile Project Development Approach for Web Application Development

If your company is looking to create a large web application or a dynamic website with several web application systems, you may have tens of pages of project specs and lots of ideas that as an end result need to be turned into a functioning database schema with elegant user interfaces.

Some features for the new web application are regarded crucial while some other features may not be a top priority or may require more thinking and clarification as the project planning moves forward. In many cases, it is almost impossible to state with a certainty all required features for the web application as new ideas emerge during the project’s development, new feedback becomes available from focus group discussions, and certain features start feeling unnecessary while some become further emphasized. How long does it take time to develop a web application? What is the cost?

An agile project development approach doesn’t intend to tie the client to a strict contract with a strict timeframe and a strict final number but instead acknowledges that web application development may be a fluid and rather organic process ideally carried through as interactive teamwork in close communication with the client. The web based software applications that are developed in an agile framework allow revising development goals in monthly cycles during the project according to the direction and feedback from the client. Goals for each development cycle will be stated and discussed monthly before any new work begins.

The key features of Interaria’s agile project development approach are:

  • The client may revise the development plan during the project.
  • The client may revise any existing work and may decide new priorities.
  • The client may decrease workload at any time and consequently pay for less development time.
  • The client is not tied with the contract to have certain features developed but has the control to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ on the go.

To discuss your company’s web application needs and what type development approach would work best for your company, please set up a consultation time by calling 214-909-3900.

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