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Project Lauch: Play It Safe!

Play it Safe!® is a child abuse awareness and prevention program developed by The Women’s Center of Tarrant County. The program incorporates age-appropriate scripts and movies to teach children how to reduce their risk of sexual and physical abuse, and sexual assault.

In the past, the ordering of any Play It Safe! material was done via phone or product order forms. Interaria was called in to modernize both the ordering system and the overall web presence of the program.

Interaria developed a full custom solution for online ordering of the program material and online management of the user accounts. Schools, applicable organizations, and parents may register on the site and create an account for viewing the store material and placing secure online orders. Each shipped video order is also credited and tracked with a one-year-subscription of unlimited online watching access.

Our process included weekly meetings with The Women’s Center of Tarrant County to finalize the site development plan and online store features. We consulted with the team and reported at every step during the website and web applications development. The key development milestones during the project were overviewing and discussing site features and elements such as the visual design of the site and brand integration, content structure and navigation, the integration and use use of the Interaria content management system, shipping fee calculators, shopping cart system, check out process, My Account features, and Admin’s features for management of the entire site.

As always, the site was designed and developed fully by the Interaria team, project manager and developer James Shields, user experience designer Meri Kuusi-Shields, and software and web application developer Pyry Kuusi.

Interaria thanks The Women’s Center of Tarrant County for this great meaningful project and looks forward to supporting the organization with its any arisen web & mobile application needs.

For more information, please visit our portfolio case study or call us at 214-909-3900.

Custom Web Application Development for Dupree Dance

Dupree Dance conducts high caliber dance conventions and competitions in cities throughout the United States.

Interaria is excited to announce the launch of an extensive web application driven website for Dupree Dance,, that features an online registration and check-out process for dance studios and dancers attending Dupree Dance’s dance conventions. Prior the new website, Dupree Dance had relied on paper based registration process that due to extensive data collection and variables required a lot of management and processing time. The new database driven online registration system, designed and developed by the Interaria web development team, provides a system for the Dupree Dance administrators to keep track of all data and run custom reports – ultimately making processing times faster.

The site features several custom web applications such as studio profile account creation, dance routines listings, loyalty program discount calculations, special teacher offers processing, total fees processing, and My Account functionalities.

The website’s database and web applications were coded with PHP/MySQL by Interaria’s web developers. The step-by-step registration process utilizes AJAX technology. The site’s identity and graphics were custom designed by the Interaria team. For more information about our web design and web application development services, please call 214-909-3900.

New Website Launch: DQ Estimating

DQ Estimating is an Austin, Texas based development company of a professional estimating software system DQ2000.

Interaria’s web design and development team created a custom web identity design, layout and code for DQ Estimating. Our full solution includes a PHP/MYSQL content management system that allows fast and convenient web updates by the DQ Estimating staff. The website is at

New Website Launch: Frontier Waterproofing Inc

Interaria has just completed a web design and development project for North Texas based Frontier Waterproofing Inc, a historical masonry restoration company.

Our team created a custom design and code for the website, and developed a PHP/MySQL based content management system that allows the client to update the website’s image and text content. Our portfolio web application code allows the client to upload new projects to the Projects section of the website, and categorize them accordingly by the service type. The website is at

Logo Design by the Dallas Web Design Company Interaria

Dallas Web Design Company Interaria provides also custom vector based logo designs. Our logo design work is typically carried through as a part of a web design and development project. If your company already has a logo but you would like to have it re-designed, this is also possible.

Below are samples of Interaria’s logo design work. Please visit our Web Design Portfolio if you’d like to learn more about these projects:

New Website Launch by Interaria: Revitalize Laser & Aesthetics

Revitalize Laser & Aesthetics Clinic in Dallas, Texas is a leading provider of aesthetic laser and skin rejuvenation treatments. For instance, Revitalize Laser & Aesthetics Clinic is the only center in Denton County that offers sublative (beyond fraxel) skin rejuvenation – one of the most exciting new skin rejuvenation treatments available. Interaria was called in to design and develop a comprehensive, professional Web presence for Revitalize Laser. Interaria delivered a full cluster of products: The website features modern custom designed identity and layout, modern XHTML code, data base driven custom coded PHP/MySQL content management system, custom Web application for Promotions management, social media integrations (including data driven social media optimization code for data driven sub pages) for active participation in social media, and search engine optimized code and content.

The consistent color palette was designed to establish a sophisticated and disciplined look and the Web design’s refined imagery further creates a professional and respectful brand identity position, emphasizing the mission of Revitalize Laser – to provide “the safest, most effective aesthetic treatments available in a professional, caring and relaxing environment”. The web site’s administrator has an access to fully integrated PHP/MySQL data base driven custom coded content management system for the ability to add and edit new text, image and data content on all pages of the website. Likewise, Interaria’s content management system let’s the client independently add new sub pages to the website and organize their order of appearance. The website is integrated to the social media with integrated Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Visit Interaria Web Design Portfolio to view full case study. Please contact Dallas Web Design Company Interaria at 214-909-3900 for more information about this project or our Web design and development services.

Interaria Launches a New Website for Mozart’s Coffee Roasters

Mozart’s Coffee Roasters is an Austin, Texas based European style coffee house. Interaria created a modern image rich interactive website reflecting the coffee house’s beautiful location and a wide array of tastes and delights. Interaria has been Mozart’s exclusive web developer since 2003. This is a third version of their website. Emphasis for the year 2011 is a full ability to manage the website’s content by the Mozart’s staff, and setting Mozart’s to an interactive path with site integrated social media features. The site is coded with XHTML, AJAX, PHP and MySQL web programming languages, providing a modern data driven code base for site-wide content management. Visit Interaria Web Design Portfolio to view full case study. Please contact Dallas Web Design Company Interaria at 214-909-3900 for more information about this project or our Web design and development services.

Comparing Web Design Portfolios

Many graphic design/web design & development portfolios out there showcase lots of visual screenshots with very little text and explanation to give any context to the work done. Moreover, often times the strictly image based portfolios feature personal website sketches or work that was never launched. Third issue is over-crediting: when a freelance designer links to the Hilton Hotels’ website and gives no context what so ever about his/her involvement in the development project, it goes without saying, that taking credit has become more important than objectively reflecting the work done.

Unlike many portfolios out there, each website design & development project in the Interaria’s portfolio is provided with a link to the actual website, the final result. Each website project in our Dallas Web design company portfolio includes a detailed case study that clearly outlines our work load and the results. We believe transparency in order for our potential clients to be fully able to assess each company and ultimately find the best match for their needs. It serves us best that the client knows what they are signing up for. Click here to visit Interaria Portfolio.

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