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2000 Following Limit on Twitter

Busy follower on Twitter? Be careful. Twitter limits following activity to 2000 accounts unless you can showcase to Twitter that you have an equal or higher number of followers than the number of accounts that you are following.

Twitter states clearly that each account can follow 2000 people. After that you have to earn your trust on Twitter. If you’ve been aggressively using Twitter by following people with an effort to gain followers, but you have not been followed back that much, then your account may be at risk of being limited to following of 2000 people. This is not a hypothetical limit – it is a reality of many accounts seen on a daily basis on Twitter. Continue reading 2000 Following Limit on Twitter

You are in LinkedIn – But Have You Heard Of XING and VIADEO?

LinkedIn is currently the most popular and known professional networking site with more than a hundred million registered users from over 200 countries. In the USA LinkedIn holds exclusive lead among the professional networking sites. If you’d like to explore your business networking further, you might want to also check out two other professional networking sites that are popular internationally but not very well known in the USA: Xing and Viadeo. Continue reading You are in LinkedIn – But Have You Heard Of XING and VIADEO?

Information Urgency: Search for TurboTax Up by 450% in the Google Search Engine

Instant information is badly needed when it comes to filing taxes within a deadline. The official Google Blog reports today (April 17, 2011) that the search term for TurboTax has gone up by 450% since mid-January. And not surprising, the search term for Tax Extension has also gotten up. Click here to view the full statistics on tax terminology searches.

SERP Expert? Sounds Fancy. What exactly is SERP?

We have been noticing that some SEO professional are now calling themselves SERP Experts. This is not so much because SERP is that different than SEO (it is one type of SEO) but because SERP still sounds fancy and its meaning is not that known by the general public who doesn’t work in the SEO industry. Continue reading SERP Expert? Sounds Fancy. What exactly is SERP?

Have You Created a Profile in Google Profiles?

Google Profile is One of Google’s Many Professional Services

Your company might have been using Google AdWords for several years without looking into additional (and yes, free) member account features Google is offering. Yes, the Google search engine and Google AdWords are what Google is most known for but there are also other features that Google would like you to try out. Continue reading Have You Created a Profile in Google Profiles?

New Tweaks in the Google Panda Algorithm Continue Calling For Quality Content

Google announced on Monday April 11, 2001 in Google Webmaster Central Blog that it has made additional changes to its Google Panda search engine algorithm (launched in February 2011). These changes affect English-language Google users. Continue reading New Tweaks in the Google Panda Algorithm Continue Calling For Quality Content

Android Mobile App Development Efforts Boosted by PayPal

The deadline is May 14, 2011 to submit an e-commerce driven Android mobile app to PayPal X Developer Challenge. Dallas Mobile App Development company Interaria sees this is as a very clever way for PayPal to get access to tons of new app software and pick the best codes for developing their secure payment systems for Android phones. In the future PayPal will for sure feature a growing number of PayPal driven Android compatible shopping experiences (mobile apps) on their website thanks to the input from this challenge.

Click here to read more about the PayPal X Developer Challenge.

Contact Dallas Mobile App Development company Interaria for more information about Android App development.

Google +1 Button

Relying on your social networks’ recommendations is the new trend to which Google is also tapping in with their recently announced +1 like feature. So far the reception of this news hasn’t been crazy excited. Somehow the idea feels forced and too close to what Facebook is already doing. Regardless, Google is an institution and will most likely get people tapping their fingers. This is an additional factor to be taken into account in SEO. Google will for sure keep their heads up in trying to prevent any artificial +1 liking with the aim of showing up higher in search results. Dallas web design & SEO company Interaria follows closely the +1 development by Google and will advise our clients accordingly.

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