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Frequently Asked Questions on SEO

 What can be done to make a website appear higher in Search Results rankings? 

For creating and/or making sure that you will get a Search Engine friendly website, we need to:

  1. Make sure that your website has a lot of relevant text content and keyword dense text. Don’t assume that your site will go to the top of rankings without a significant effort to create text content throughout multiple pages on your site.

  2. Make sure that your website can be viewed as an informational resource with valuable text content for the visitor. Don’t focus just on quantity but also on quality.

  3. Make sure that you saturate your text content with geographical or regional keywords to penetrate the industry competition. As an example, you are much more likely to be found as "Dallas Designer Handbags" than under "Designer Handbags".

  4. Make sure that the text and keywords on your site correspond with the actual search words consumers are using in Google. To check out the popularity of search terms in your industry visit:

  5. Make sure that your urls are keyword rich and that they correspond with the content.

  6. Make sure that you have a maximum number of direct links pointing to your site from other valuable sites. Note that these sites should preferably rank the same or higher than your site in Google rank. Google appreciates if you are a part of a valuable network. To check any site’s Google rank, visit

  7. Make sure that you have deep interlinks in your website.

  8. Make sure that your website doesn’t drop after the Home page, and that all your web pages within the website can be regarded as informational resource with unique links pointing to them.

  9. Make sure that your site has a Site Map and that all links are pointing to their correct pages.

  10. Make sure to Submit your site to for Google indexing.

  11. Make sure that your website has meta tags in place including Title, Keywords, and Description and that they correspond with the actual content in your site. In your browser window go to "View" — "View Source".

  12. Make sure that your website is part of the active social media ecosystem.

  13. Make sure that you learn how to track the number of visitors and traffic coming to your website by using your Hosting Account’s control panel or Google Analytics (or both).

  14. Make sure that you create a routine for how you track the results, how often you visit the statistics, and what numbers are most important and relevant to you.

  15. Make sure that you don’t think about just the visitor numbers but think about also the conversion rates, how many people are contacting you, and how many of the contacts turn into sales. If you have a lot of hits but very few contacts consider refining the message on your website to create more conversion. Don’t just assume that Google is the magic bullet to a successful business, if you have otherwise ignored your product development or marketing message.

  16. Make sure that you have alternative strategies to get business if your SEO ranking goes temporarily down.

 What is Web Analytics? 
Google’s Web Analytics is a free method for tracking visitor statistics. Likewise, many Web hosting packages come with a Web Stats feature that tells you from the server’s perspective who has visited your site.

 What is a Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertisement? 
It is a paid website advertisement in Google’s search results pages where the advertiser’s ad position and frequency of appearance are based on the set daily budget, set keywords, set geographical region and set maximum bid for each click. PPC campaign can be one of the fastest ways to create immediate exposure while "natural" search engine results may take some time.

 What is the status with Yahoo! search engine? 
Originally Google powered Yahoo!’s search engine. Then Google went solo and Yahoo! came up with their own search algorithms. WIth Yahoo!’s search engine user base drastically declining, Interaria recommends prioritizing the site optimization for Google. Also other search engines such as AOL’s search engine uses Google for their search technology: Showing up well in Google search results means your site will show up well in Google partner’s search results as well.

 What is a Google page rank? 
PageRank is a measure of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest) of the relevance Google perceives your website in the World Wide Web.

 I sometimes see websites with Google ads. What is this about? 
Some website owners choose to create additional revenue or exposure by running Google AdSense on their site. After placing the provided dynamic code onto a website, Google AdSense will display and rotate relevant ads to the owner’s website message/products/services, and when an ad is clicked, the owner of the site receives revenue.

 Can or how can Flash Media content be optimized for Search Engines? 
Yes, Flash media can be optimized for Search Engines by creating SEO friendly text that Google reads as a source for information for visitors who don’t have a Flash player installed on their desktop. As most desktops have a Flash player installed, this method is used primarly for SEO. For more information about SEO and Flash (yes, indeed it is possible), please visit the following resources:

      A modern approach to Flash SEO
      How to SEO Flash

 What tools help me to analyze the traffic coming to my website? 
Two of the most popular methods for checking on who has visited your website are Google’s Urchin software and Google’s Web Analytics.

Urchin is normally run on the Web server and is especially useful for generating reports and analyzing traffic on pages behind a firewall.

Google’s Web Analytics is a Web based website traffic recording and analysis tool — Google provides you a script to be placed on each Web page of your website and upon a visit loading the page, data is sent to and recorded by Google.

 Can owning multiple domain names help with my website’s search engine ranking results? 
Yes, potentially. Interaria offers customized domain name SEO strategies.

The SEO industry is wide with its service providers, and it can be hard to find objective information about SEO and site rankings. We recommend that you do some independent research and get to know the basic conscepts such as Web Analytics, Google Page Rank, Pay-Per-Click campaign, keyword, metatag and so on. When you know the basic concepts you will be better able to evaluate any SEO service provider. Be careful not to fall into loud "too-good-to-be-true" sounding promises or aggressive approaches about getting your site to the top of search rankings; as much as we as SEO consultants can work towards that goal, ultimately the ranking results are determined by Google, and too aggressive strategies can yield to opposite results.

Dallas SEO agency Interaria would be delighted to discuss further your company’s search engine strategy & optimization needs. Please contact us in Dallas 214-909-3900 or use our online form to reach us.

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