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5 Reasons To Use Twitter

Twitter recently celebrated its 5th birthday. Today Twitter is very much a main stream social media forum and any company interested in increasing leads and search engine ranking results should not shy away from using this service. Using Twitter is free unlike paid advertisements on Google and Facebook. Perhaps for this fact some companies are ignoring Twitter; in Twitter you cannot buy results, you work for your results (or you hire someone to work for you). Yes, there are ones from many walks of life using Twitter, including a great deal of spammers, but with a skillfully tailored plan, your company can manage its social media presence on Twitter with head held high. We often hear that getting started is hard: it seems like everyone else already has hundreds or thousands of followers and that starting from the scratch feels almost embarrassing. Don’t let these doubts stop you, you’ve been postponing your Twitter account like a dentist’s appointment but there are no excuses anymore. Postponing things will only make things worse, and besides – you will be positively surprised that your dentist appointment is soon to turn to an enjoyable experience, more like a walk/mild exercise at a nice park.

Here are our top five reasons why your company should get busy with using Twitter.

1) Interact With Your Customers

Many big brands are using Twitter to interact with their customers by sending them customized messages and tweets. You can address any problems in real time. You can offer special promotions to your customers. You have a forum for immediate feedback, praise and suggestions by your customers. Creating a customer friendly open honest interactive tone can boost confidence and brand loyalty among your customers. If your policy is to follow-back selectively you can create VIP feel. If you follow back everyone you let people know that you very much appreciate everyone’s interest. Take a look at different brand names and companies on Twitter that you admire and respect, and see how they are communicating with their followers.

2) Learn From Your Colleagues And Peers

Twitter is a great resource if you follow key people and companies that can share valuable information and insight. Go beyond self promotion and actively look for insightful tweets and links to valuable resources. You’ll be surprised with how many new recourse websites you can discover, and overall how fast you can adopt new information. If you find interesting tweeters check who they are following. Create deep and wide following (and follower) paths in the Twitter ecosystem to maximize the amount of learning and interaction you can do as a return of investment for your time.

3) Build An Image Of A Modern Media Savvy Company

Most likely, if being asked, you would answer that you would rather have a modern than a backward company. Twitter is a way to contribute to this image. The Twitter icon, follow links, and share content links on your website will not only help you to grow a follower base and send your Web content to the social media ecosystem, they will also strengthen the modern attributes of  your brand image. If your company has a Facebook page, you can promote this media on Twitter as well. A consistent brand identity design and cohesive brand messaging in all media forums is important in building a modern image.

4) Grow Quality Content

Having to tweet is a blessing not a curse. Make most out of the process by seeking new information and resources and by thinking of new ways how to communicate your brand message. Keep your reading/strategizing and tweeting ratio in balance. Unique tweets with exclusive and new information are more likely to be re-tweeted. Think of producing new tweets as a stimulus and encouragement to learn and grow.

5) Improve Your Search Engine Ranking Results

Google uses Twitter activity as an influencing factor in determining SERP (Search Engine Rank Page). SERP is important for a small business in terms of being found for a certain key word phrase. In summary, active Twitter use may increase your company’s search engine ranking results. Traffic from Twitter to your website may also improve your Alexa ranking result.

About the Author
Meri Kuusi-Shields – based in Dallas, Texas, USA – works as a creative & business director for Interaria. Meri holds a master’s degree in Sociology from University of Tampere, Finland. Meri can be reached at . You can also follow Interaria on Twitter.

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