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Corporate Google+ Accounts Still Behind the Corner

Google+ has been focusing on building up a solid “quality” user base with users who have real first and last names (sometimes suspending accounts that appear fake). With regards to when Google+ will open its doors for corporate accounts and how the process of setting up a corporate Google+ account would go is still up in the air. At the moment Google has let Ford Motor Company in with a test account.

Some have been speculating that companies with Google Places listings might at some point be able to claim a place in Google+. On the other hand, it is possible that the business owners would need to have a ‘regular’ Google+ account in order to create a corporate/business account. When the much anticipated transition of Google+ letting companies in (probably in a regulated manner) takes place, the tracking and measuring of the impact of corporate Google+ accounts against SEO results will no doubt be at a special focus considering Google’s search engine powers. One thing is clear: an SEO and SMO savvy modern company should keep the foot on the pedal and be ready to take action when Google shows the green light. Signing up now to Google+ and getting to know all Google+ features will at that time make the acceleration speed faster for kick-starting a corporate/business Google+ account.

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