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Responsive Design and Mobile Site Optimization

Matt Cutts confirms that responsive design strategy doesn’t negatively affect SEO results, assuming the site content is rich with content and it loads fast. He overviews well in this video the two options for mobile development: developing a responsive deign or developing a separate mobile web site that is launched automatically when the user accesses the site with a detected mobile device. An additional option is to offer an iOS and Android apps.

Mobile Site Optimization Strategy

Mobile site optimization is the new area of expertise in the SEO industry. Understanding the behavior and set expectations of a mobile site user is a starting point for developing an effective mobile site strategy. Read about mobile site optimization over here.

SEO Infographic: 12 Important On-Page SEO Factors

This SEO infographic makes several good points and reminders on how to optimize a web page for higher SERP. A well optimized page is a synergy of optimal code and properly planned out titles, text content and linking. An engaging content that keeps visitors on the page reducing bounce rates is highly important for reaching higher search engine ranking results.

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