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Facebook’s Social Search

Scott Weiss regards that Facebook’s new Graph Search takes Facebook into the search business with baby steps. How worried should Google be? Weiss thinks search field is a big enough business to include multiple companies.

Improve Your Website’s Performance by Utilizing Google’s Web Analytics

Interaria recommends all of our clients to sign up for Google Analytics (provided by Google free-of-charge) as it gives a complete view to your website’s visitor data.

Google Analytics provides information about who is visiting your website, what search terms they were using to arrive at your website, when they visited your site, where they are from, and how they got there.

Utilizing Google Analytics is crucial in creating an effective website marketing and SEO strategy. For instance, Google Analytics may reveal pages on your website that have a low traffic rate and that are not performing that well or pages on your website that make visitors bounce away from your site. These clues may be an indicator of many factors such as a cumbersome navigation structure, poor overall content, unexpected content, dated design, or slow page loading time. Analyzing pages together with Interaria may help in the efforts of creating new user engagement ideas and strategy for the site, establishing valid needs for new web code and web architecture, developing more quality content or adding more user interaction to the site.

Installing Google analytics takes only a few steps. In most cases, our clients prefer that we install the service for them, but you can also do it yourself if you have the interest. The first step is to create an account with Google Web Analytics. The next step is to enter the domain name for the site and Google will generate some HTML code to be placed on each page of your website. In about 24 hours the website’s user data will start showing up in the Google Analytics account where data is formatted in tables and in graphics.

Does your website utilize Google Analytics? Are you actively visiting the reports created by Google Analytics? Does your company have a plan for the next step of action based on the results? Contact Interaria at 214-909-3900 in case your company would like to get more insight on Google Analytics and utilizing Google Analytics as a base for a new Web strategy.

Keyword Phrase Search Results Indexing

The key take: if you want your website to show up for a specific keyword phrase, then that exact keyword phrase needs to be included on various pages, not just words of that phrase in a random order.

For more Dallas Web design and SEO insight, contact Interaria at 214-909-3900.

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