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SERP Zebra Test Results For “Bing Translator” and “Google Translate”

Both search engines Bing and Google offer a wealth of services including language translation. SERP Zebra wanted to find out which multi-featured search engine knows languages better. Since SERP Zebra is already planning his annual conference on linguistics and etymology in Helsinki, Finland, it was only appropriate to test these two translator’s ability to translate English to Finnish. SERP Zebra typed in four sentences to both Bing Translator ( and Google Translate ( The sentences with fairly simple sentence structures were:

1) Let’s visit my grandmother next weekend.
2) My dog likes to run.
3) Your father is an athlete.
4) Is Bing’s language translator better than Google’s?

Here are the results:

Now, to be reasonable, Finnish belongs to an Ugric language group and is, for a native English speaker, a much harder language to learn and translate especially when compared to Germanic languages such as German, Dutch or Swedish. Having said this, we should not worry about hurting software’s feelings, so the game is fair. Google was a clear winner with 100% correct translations for sentences “My dog likes to run” and “Your father is an athlete.” Bing could not handle either one of these simple sentences because of its inability to translate the word “run” correctly and its inability to translate the word “athlete” at all . Google scored 5 points out of 8, and Bing 2 points out of 8.

Summary: Based on the “Translate from English to Finnish” test Google Translate had a stronger vocabulary, and would be, out of these two web software applications, SERP Zebra’s preferred language translator tool during the upcoming conference of Finnish etymology.

SERP Zebra Just Heard: Search for TurboTax Up by 450% in the Google Search Engine

Instant information is badly needed when it comes to filing taxes within a deadline. The official Google Blog reports today (April 17, 2011) that the search term for TurboTax has gone up by 450% since mid-January. And not surprising, the search term for Tax Extension has also gotten up. Click here to view the full statistics on tax terminology searches.

SERP Expert? Sounds Fancy. What exactly is SERP?

We have been noticing that some SEO professional are now calling themselves SERP Experts. This is not so much because SERP is that different than SEO (it is one type of SEO) but because SERP still sounds fancy and its meaning is not that known by the general public who doesn’t work in the SEO industry.

So what exactly does SERP stand for? SERP is a formation of first letters from the term Search Engine Results Page. A SERP Expert, such as Interaria, holds special understanding and knowledge on how each search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) calculates its SERP results. For instance, Google has recently with its Google Caffeine social media indexing system and Google Panda algorithm set clear signals to the SEO community optimizing ranking results that it emphasizes information that is 1) recent, 2) local, and 3) unique.

A SERP analysis looks into these signals closely understanding that search engine optimization needs to be conducted according to the latest industry recommendations and announced changes in direction. SERP refers to everything that takes place on a search engine ranking page, not just the natural results but also local results and paid advertisements (such as Google AdWords). In this sense, a SERP Expert can also recommend paid search engine marketing as an additional method to rank higher on a SERP page.

SERP and Dallas SEO experts at Interaria specialize in optimizing web content for high SERP results. Please contact us in Dallas 214-909-3900 for more information about our web design and SEO services. Click here to fill out our quick online form.

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