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List Your Business on Google Places – 5 Reasons Why Not to Miss Out

Ever wondered how do the businesses show up on a Google Map when you are searching for…let’s say an Italian restaurant in Plano, Texas. The red dots on the map indicate businesses that are relevant to your search and have submitted their business profile on Google Places:

Similarly if you search Italian restaurants in Plano, Texas in Google’s regular interface, you are soon to notice that most search results on page 1 include a Google Map dot indicating again that these businesses have created a profile on Google Places:

For a restaurant in Plano, Texas it looks to be crucial to have a Google Places profile in order to be listed in page 1 by Google. In short: Google Places profile is crucial for any company with a physical location as Google gives a great emphasis on verified and custom local information.

Considering how expensive search engine marketing such as ad word campaigns can get, listing your business on Google Places is something you don’t want to miss out. Here are Dallas SEO company Interaria’s “5 Top Reasons” for why not to miss out on listing your business on Google Places.

1) Rank Higher In Google’s Search Engine Results

Boost your local search marketing by showing up higher in Google’s natural search results. Google emphasizes local information and is more likely to show your website higher in search engine ranking if your company has created a Google Places listing.

2) Be Found On The Google Map

Set your business to be found by related key words from the Google Map (not just by company name). Works on mobile phones too. Great for serving potential customers on-the-go looking for your services. Be careful to provide as accurate information about your business as possible. For instance if you bakery is officially called “Dinah’s Bakery”, don’t keyword stuff your Google Places name entry as “Dinah’s Fresh Baked Daily Bakery Goods”, or you listing will be penalized.

3) Feature Your Business

Customize your profile page with your company photos, special offers, information about your business and link to your website. The page design does not allow that much but lets you upload key information and images about your business.

4) Receive Top Reviews

Let your customers praise you and leave reviews. Higher ratings equal often to more customers. In the era of social media it doesn’t help to be shy. Google Places profile features also reviews by other social media sites. For instance, if your business is a restaurant your profile page may display customer reviews also by yelp, urban spoon, yahoo and so forth.

5) Get All this For Free

Take advantage of this service because it is free! If you have spent money on Google adds you know how expensive search marketing can get. This service is absolutely free, and not using this service really serves no excuse.


Google Places profile page requires creating an account with Google.

Dallas SEO agency Interaria would be delighted to discuss further your company’s SEO needs and provide search engine optimization and search engine marketing consulting services as needed. Please contact us in Dallas 214-909-3900 or use our online form to reach us.

Optimizing Google’s AdWords For Mobile Devices

By far, the dominant advertising platform on the web is Google’s AdWords. Up until very recently, Google’s AdWords was fine with serving ads to mobile devices that linked to pages with Flash content. In a recent change in policy, Google’s AdWords seems to now block serving pay-per-click ads to mobile devices (iPad/iPhone/Android) if the advertised website being linked to in the ad has any Flash running on it. This includes websites running javascript coded “Flash-checkers”.  Google’s AdWords now requires that at least on your site’s initial landing/home page where you may have used a Javascript based Flash checker, you’ll now need to instead add specialized web code for checking what type of device has arrived to your home page, and then auto-route a visitor to appropriate mobile friendly Flash free content.

The situation is definitely not completely clear yet because Google hasn’t made any official statements on the matter.  Since Goolge’s own Android mobile platform supports Flash this new policy is interesting, and appears to cater the growing market of iPhone and iPad users.

Dallas Web design & development company Interaria follows the developments of AdWord policy closely. Interaria specializes in coding websites that are “Google-friendly”.

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Alexa Indexing Engine Measures Website Popularity

In addition to following your website’s Google Page Rank, and the number of backlinks pointing to your site, another metric to check when following your website’s search engine optimization progress is called Alexa Rank.

Alexa is a website indexing engine that attempts to measure popularity of websites. Alexa gathers its data on websites as does Google by using ‘searchbots’ that crawl the Web reading and storing data from websites. Like Google, Alexa crawls the Internet, retrieving and storing lots of data about websites and the popularity of websites. However, unlike Google, Alexa builds their popularity rank from data sent to them by people who have installed an Alexa Toolbar into their web browser. If you have the Alexa Toolbar installed into your browser, every time you visit a website, data is sent to Alexa, telling Alexa what websites you have visited. In this way, Alexa is able to build a ranking popularity index of which websites are visited most. The highest, most visited/popular site, has an Alexa Rank of 1, which is currently held by Google. For example, Apple Computer’s main website has an Alexa Rank of 41 and Dell Computer has an Alexa Rank of 200. However, most websites have ranks in the hundreds of thousands or millions.

Google does not make public all the factors that go into how high your website will rank on search results pages, but tracking how your site’s Alexa rank changes over time, whether your Alexa Rank goes up or down, can be an early indicator as to how your website’s Google ranking and search engine results maybe be changing and improving.

A copy of the Alexa database is used for the Internet Archive ( ). Google and Alexa also partner on supporting the Open Directory Project ( ).

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