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Corporate Google+ Accounts Still Behind the Corner

Google+ has been focusing on building up a solid “quality” user base with users who have real first and last names (sometimes suspending accounts that appear fake). With regards to when Google+ will open its doors for corporate accounts and how the process of setting up a corporate Google+ account would go is still up in the air. At the moment Google has let Ford Motor Company in with a test account.

Some have been speculating that companies with Google Places listings might at some point be able to claim a place in Google+. On the other hand, it is possible that the business owners would need to have a ‘regular’ Google+ account in order to create a corporate/business account. When the much anticipated transition of Google+ letting companies in (probably in a regulated manner) takes place, the tracking and measuring of the impact of corporate Google+ accounts against SEO results will no doubt be at a special focus considering Google’s search engine powers. One thing is clear: an SEO and SMO savvy modern company should keep the foot on the pedal and be ready to take action when Google shows the green light. Signing up now to Google+ and getting to know all Google+ features will at that time make the acceleration speed faster for kick-starting a corporate/business Google+ account.

Google Caffeine for More Relevant Search Results

Google has announced its new method to rank and search web content. Google Caffeine is an update to how Google indexes web sites and web pages for search results. In the past Google’s method of indexing web sites by sending their Googlebots out around mapping sites took time. It could take up to two weeks if not longer for new content to be indexed and appear in search results. The new Google indexing system (Google Caffeine) is intended to make the search results show more current information faster, drawn from blogs and Twitter and the rest of the social media ecosystem.

Google Caffeine also attempts to better measure the relevancy of backlinks. In the old system many old web sites with high number of links have been ranking in higher positions than more recently launched sites with current and updated information. In this age of fast media postings 24/7, and users’ needs for relevant sources and information, Google needed to make these adjustments to its search engine and play catch up.

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