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Corporate Google+ Accounts Still Behind the Corner

Google+ has been focusing on building up a solid “quality” user base with users who have real first and last names (sometimes suspending accounts that appear fake). With regards to when Google+ will open its doors for corporate accounts and how the process of setting up a corporate Google+ account would go is still up in the air. At the moment Google has let Ford Motor Company in with a test account.

Some have been speculating that companies with Google Places listings might at some point be able to claim a place in Google+. On the other hand, it is possible that the business owners would need to have a ‘regular’ Google+ account in order to create a corporate/business account. When the much anticipated transition of Google+ letting companies in (probably in a regulated manner) takes place, the tracking and measuring of the impact of corporate Google+ accounts against SEO results will no doubt be at a special focus considering Google’s search engine powers. One thing is clear: an SEO and SMO savvy modern company should keep the foot on the pedal and be ready to take action when Google shows the green light. Signing up now to Google+ and getting to know all Google+ features will at that time make the acceleration speed faster for kick-starting a corporate/business Google+ account.

Russian Search Engine Yandex Doesn’t Care For Lady Gaga on Twitter

SERP Zebra tested Yandex, the Russian search engine by typing in several searches of Twitter accounts such as,, and None of these popular Twitter accounts showed up in the Yandex’s English language search stream. Turns out that Yandex, that is more popular in Russia than Google, doesn’t care that much for indexing Twitter accounts including the official Twitter account of Lady Gaga with over 10 million followers.

Take a look at these four screen shots of search results for the search term by the four major search engines – Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Yandex – taken on May 26, 2011.

Google brings in most results to Lady Gaga’s official Twitter account including selected Tweets by Lady Gaga to her 10,423,008 followers.

Yahoo! also recognizes Lady Gaga’s Twitter account but does not display individual tweets.

Bing follows Yahoo!’s model in recognizing Lady Gaga’s Twitter account but not displaying individual tweets.

Searching Lady Gaga’s Twitter account does not bring results in Yandex. Odly Yandex does list a Brazilian fan Twitter page for Lady Gaga and websites that contain Twitter feeds and media associated to Lady Gaga’s Twittter account.

Yandex itself estimated in 2010 that 60% Russians use Twitter. SERP Zebra does not make any assumptions about Yandex’s policies, whether they are technical, political or under works. SERP Zebra simply wants to bring in these screenshots to remind that different search engines have different practices on how they index content created for social media sites. In the case of Yandex, the Yandex search engine sees Twitter as a walled website which has very little cracks or windows.

Have You Created a Profile in Google Profiles?

Google Profile is One of Google’s Many Professional Services

Your company might have been using Google AdWords for several years without looking into additional (and yes, free) member account features Google is offering. Yes, the Google search engine and Google AdWords are what Google is most known for but there are also other features that Google would like you to try out. If you login to your Google Account and then go to your Account/Dashboard page you will see a number of links to Google’s additional networking services:

The Dashboard shows links to Google’s networking services such as Blogger, iGoogle, Sidewiki, Google Talk – we will be reviewing these services in the coming weeks. The Dashboard page also displays a link to “Profile” which we are focusing today.

Google Profile should not be confused with Google Places which is integrated with Google search engine and Google Maps service and intended for businesses with a physical location open/announced for public. Google Profiles are not company profiles but intended for personal use in a similar fashion such as LinkedIn.

Professional, Clean Layout & Design

Google Profile constitutes of a simple Web page that collects the basics of your personal and business whereabouts such as your own description about yourself (“introduction”), places where you’ve lived (shows as GPS dots on a mini Google Map), education and work history. The page layout and design are controlled and clean implying that this platform is intended for professional branding i.e. creating a casual easy going business profile of yourself. The layout follows Facebook’s and LinkedIn’s model and cannot be customized with color changes or background graphics, unlike Twitter page for instance. You can upload some photos to the profile and create unlimited number of links to your other social media sites and presence. Unlike Linkedin, the page does not allow integration of third-party widgets or RSS feeds but does encourage configuring a Google owned PicasaWeb account with the page.

On my Google Profile page, I’ve created an easy going imagery and text, keeping the feel more causal than what on my LinkedIn profile but more professional than my personal Facebook page:

Functions as Your “” Page or Google Identity Page

Now that the Google page is up, a good question is what is next. Google Profile page could be used in a similar fashion such as page, as a professional dashboard for collecting all social media links pointing to your social media presence under one roof. Google offers a member verification service increasing both security and the professional feel for the page.

Google Profile page also acts as an identifier when you are using Google’s other services such as participating to Google Groups.

Thirdly, your page will be recognized by Google’s search engine and as such creates an additional link to your name.

So far the networking aspect is certainly not promoted by Google and upon creating the page I didn’t receive any clear call-to-action triggers for the next steps.

I was not able to tell upon spending several hours within these interfaces how networking, if any, actually takes place between different Google Profiles, and between different Google services. Google’s sparse dashboard page (referred with a screenshot earlier) which is effectively one’s action board feels more like a link page listing various Google’s services than a centralized My Page that would really be one’s to use.

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