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Google’s No To Hand-Picked Search Reults

Google insists that it does not manually modify search results even in the case when its algorithms are clearly showing “wrong” search results. (Discussion on the video at frame 41:04 min.)

Corporate Google+ Accounts Still Behind the Corner

Google+ has been focusing on building up a solid “quality” user base with users who have real first and last names (sometimes suspending accounts that appear fake). With regards to when Google+ will open its doors for corporate accounts and how the process of setting up a corporate Google+ account would go is still up in the air. At the moment Google has let Ford Motor Company in with a test account.

Some have been speculating that companies with Google Places listings might at some point be able to claim a place in Google+. On the other hand, it is possible that the business owners would need to have a ‘regular’ Google+ account in order to create a corporate/business account. When the much anticipated transition of Google+ letting companies in (probably in a regulated manner) takes place, the tracking and measuring of the impact of corporate Google+ accounts against SEO results will no doubt be at a special focus considering Google’s search engine powers. One thing is clear: an SEO and SMO savvy modern company should keep the foot on the pedal and be ready to take action when Google shows the green light. Signing up now to Google+ and getting to know all Google+ features will at that time make the acceleration speed faster for kick-starting a corporate/business Google+ account.

Google Panda Continues Shredding Low-Quality Web Content

Since the launch of the Google Panda algorithm in February 2011, Google has been continuing its algorithm updates with the mission to pin down low-quality content sites deeper down on search engine page results: a second Google Panda update to the algorithm came in April 2011, and on June 21, 2011 Google announced its Panda 2.2 version to the algorithm.

Three cycles in six months sends a clear message to site owners. Matt Cutts from Google reminds that the best way to not to get negatively affected – or pandified, as some SEO experts call the penalty – by the changes in Google Panda algorithm is to continue producing quality content.

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