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Blekko Promotes The Use of “Slashtags” For Custom and Quality Search Results

If you think that Google even after its launch or Google Caffeine and Google Panda algorithms still doesn’t provide the information and links you are looking for, then you might want to give a try to a new search engine, Blekko.

Blekko makes its case for relevancy in the competition of search engines by focusing on customized content, transparency in results, and being on the consumer’s side with its anti-spam philosophy and practice. SERP Zebra points out three key features of Blekko:1) Blekko is for custom results: Blekko strongly promotes its search trademark, the use of slashtags. Slashtag is a symbol slash followed by a key word that filters the results within the main search terms. For instance one can type in Texas /politics and thereby filter the search term Texas only with websites that focus on politics. The upside (or downside) of Blekko is that many slashtags need to be created individually since they are often not pre-indexed in the Blekko system. This requires registration to the site. Slashtags can be classified for a personal use only, and effectively Blekko can be used as a powerful bookmarking tool.2) Blekko is for SEO transparency: Blekko points out that it keeps data behind search results open for public. Blekko displays an impressive (or exhausting) amount of data for each website it crawls. The data reporting looks very much like any comprehensive SEO report or data provided by a web host. It includes data of the number of inbound links, value of links, links from specific US states, links from different countries and so on.3) Blekko is against poor content sites: Blekko is against websites which have spam-like content, and instead of showing these type of results lower in search results (Google’s style), it aims not to show websites with poor or unoriginal content at all.
Have you used Blekko? Have you registered in Blekko and created your own Slashtags? Let SERP Zebra know what you think.

Google AdWords Marketing Potentially Free for USA Based Nonprofits

Recently, paid advertising (“sponsored links”) on Google has become quite competitive raising the pressure to increase any set budget for Google AdWords campaigns. Depending on the competition on targeted keywords and the targeted placement for the pay-per-click ad, it is not uncommon for one click to cost even around $10. If you are running a US based non-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) status, some relief may be available. Google offers a special program for nonprofits interested in search engine marketing (SEM). Google promises quite a lot for nonprofits including free AdWords advertising through Google Grants, branding and increased uploads on YouTube, and free licensing for Google Earth, SketchUp, and Maps API.

For eligibilty and more details, visit:

Does Google Goggles Recognize “365 Instant Coffee” by Whole Foods?

Does Google Goggles Recognize “365 Instant Coffee” by Whole Foods? Yes and no. Google Goggles is able to recognize the 365 brand logo but does not understand the bar code of the product.

How about the Whole Foods paper bag? No way, the paper bag can walk away free from any analyzing smartphones.

SERP Zebra / Interaria is not affiliated with Whole Foods. The above example is a random example to test the limits of Google Goggles logo and bar code recognition. We regard that Whole Foods and 365 brand are not obscure but not completely main stream either. Read more about our testing of the Google Goggles mobile application here: Google Goggles Creates New Demands for Optimizing Images

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