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Hands Free Searches With Google’s Voice Search

Google has just launched Google Voice Search for Desktop (June 15, 2011) currently working on Google Chrome browsers. This is an extension to the original Google Voice app for smartphones. SERP Zebra has been impressed by the voice recognition software’s ability to understand different accents and systematically show correct results.

The new desktop version will for sure get some new audience for instance among the field of education. For the mobile app users who have been enjoying automated local search results without having to “say” the region, the Google Voice Search for Desktop version will not be a disappointment either: The Google Voice Search for Desktop features a similar location based search intelligence as with the smartphone apps. For instance, if your computer’s IP address is based in Dallas TX, and you want to search for Thai restaurants in Dallas, you don’t need to “say” the city “Dallas”. (The location based search feature is even more accurate on smartphones as the software is tied to the phone’s GPS.)

SERP Zebra tested both the Google Voice Search for Desktop and the Google Voice Search for iPhone App. The voice recognition ability was equally strong on both platforms. SERP Zebra is happy to report that the search test for “zebra photos” worked well:

Media by Google:

Google Voice Search for Desktop, New promo video by Google

‪Google Mobile App for iPhone with Voice Search‬

Screenshot of Google’s Mobile page of Google Search app for your phone:

Let SERP Zebra know what you think about the Google Voice Search for Desktop. Do you think this will be a popular search feature, or is just an extension to the phone apps? Leave your comments below.

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