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SERP Zebra Test Results For “Bing Translator” and “Google Translate”

Both search engines Bing and Google offer a wealth of services including language translation. SERP Zebra wanted to find out which multi-featured search engine knows languages better. Since SERP Zebra is already planning his annual conference on linguistics and etymology in Helsinki, Finland, it was only appropriate to test these two translator’s ability to translate English to Finnish. SERP Zebra typed in four sentences to both Bing Translator ( and Google Translate ( The sentences with fairly simple sentence structures were:

1) Let’s visit my grandmother next weekend.
2) My dog likes to run.
3) Your father is an athlete.
4) Is Bing’s language translator better than Google’s?

Here are the results:

Now, to be reasonable, Finnish belongs to an Ugric language group and is, for a native English speaker, a much harder language to learn and translate especially when compared to Germanic languages such as German, Dutch or Swedish. Having said this, we should not worry about hurting software’s feelings, so the game is fair. Google was a clear winner with 100% correct translations for sentences “My dog likes to run” and “Your father is an athlete.” Bing could not handle either one of these simple sentences because of its inability to translate the word “run” correctly and its inability to translate the word “athlete” at all . Google scored 5 points out of 8, and Bing 2 points out of 8.

Summary: Based on the “Translate from English to Finnish” test Google Translate had a stronger vocabulary, and would be, out of these two web software applications, SERP Zebra’s preferred language translator tool during the upcoming conference of Finnish etymology.

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