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4-Step Search Engine Optimization Process

Interaria utilizes a 4-Step Process in improving client’s search engine ranking results. The work may include several cycles depending on the search result goals, overall competition of certain keywords (saturation), scale of the client’s website and online media presence, and available time and budget. Because search engine ranking results can shift around during the optimization time, we recommend that the project at total should take at least 30 days, and ideally for the optimal results SEO cycles should be an ongoing process as long as the client wants to maintain and compete for good search engine ranking results.

Step 1: SEO Consultation

  • Getting to know client’s website
  • Going over social media presence, if any
  • Introducing client with key SEO terminology
  • Gaining understanding on competition, goals, and past efforts
  • Explaining the process

Step 2: SERP Analysis

  • Analyzing website’s current state of optimization and ranking results by using several online SEO tool sets
  • Utilizing Bruce Clay software
  • Utilizing Google analytics
  • Utilizing back-link checkers
  • Creating Alexa ranking report

Step 3: Creating a strategy & practical project plan

  • Backlinks: Increasing the number of quality backlinks pointing to client’s website. Dividing responsibilities. For instance, for creating backlinks (listing website on paid directories etc), some work can be done by the client and some by Interaria.
  • Interlinks: Increasing interlinks on the website. By Interaria.
  • HTML tags: Optimizing HTML page with alt tags, meta tags, and title tags. By Interaria.
  • Keywords: Key word density optimization. By Interaria
  • Speed: Optimizing website’s code and graphics for fast browser loading speed. By Interaria
  • Copy/Content: Producing more relevant copy (text content) to website. Dividing responsibilities.
  • Social media: Increasing content relevancy and links on social media. Dividing responsibilities.
  • Press Releases: see backlinking/social media. Dividing responsibilities.
  • Increasing Traffic: Marketing strategies for inviting customers to visit website & social media pages

Step 4: Measuring Results

  • Reporting SEO results to client
  • Measuring website traffic, new backlinks, search result ranking by keyword and phrases, traffic and links from social media, Google page rank, Alexa rank, keyword density analysis
  • -> Consultation, increased knowledge, refining goals and strategy. -> Cycle 2 begins, see Step 1

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