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Manage Twitter Follower Base With 5 Easy-To-Use Web Apps

Interaria has selected and tested five Twitter Management Apps that help you refine your Twitter follower base: Twit Cleaner, JustUnfollow, tweepsync, ManageFlitter, and fllwrs. These web app tools are great for pointing out spammers, inactive users, users who tweet excessively, users who don’t follow back, or users who have recently unfollowed you.

Avoid erratic follow/unfollow commands but rather choose carefully who you follow and unfollow. As much as you learn about your followers, use these apps to build your own guidelines and mind maps how to better recognize optimal followers from the stream of millions of Twitter users.

1) Twit Cleaner

Interaria’s favorite! Free service. Goes several layers deeper by analyzing your followers’ tweet content by type (re-tweets, links, interactivity), uniqueness (ratio of re-tweets, ratio of links) and tweet repetition. Points out the followers how use spam, are absent, are repetitive with their tweets, our tweeting in too high volume, are secretive in their bio and profile, and are non-responsive with their own follow-back policy. Interaria tested this application and very much recommends to use this service in helping to identify better followers. Does not include an automated unfollowing service as it is against Twitter’s policy. Summary of an example report:

2) JustUnfollow

Interaria’s favorite! Free service. With 200,000 unique users JustUnfollow is a 3rd party web application that can be used to maintain a balanced following/follower ratio. JustUnfollow displays a very easy to use clean interface and properly advices limiting following/unfollowing activity (in our case) to 25 accounts a day.

Page view of an example list of non followers:

3) tweepsync

Free service. Loads up and works well. tweepsync displays a simple interface and limits unfollowing activity (at least in our testing) to 20 accounts a day.

Page view of an example list of non followers:

4) ManageFlitter

Free service with additional costs on any wanted upgrades of service. ManageFlitter not only helps you to check on the list of accounts who have unfollowed you, it also lists inactive users that you might want to unfollow. Twitter is about information and conversation and there should be nothing wrong of unfollowing a user who hasn’t tweeted for a very long time. Takes some time to load up but worth the wait. Page view of an example report:

5) fllwrs

Free service. To learn about what type of accounts follow you back or unfollow you, fllwrs web app can be helpful. Please be sure to turn off the setting that tweets lists of users who unfollowed you to the public. It is not the best idea to announce who just unfollowed you as it creates bad karma around your Twitter image. The Web app focuses on tracking following/unfollowing traffic in real time and therefore doesn’t analyze your past account information prior to registering at Therefore when testing the app, we received a plain message: