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2000 Following Limit on Twitter

Busy follower on Twitter? Be careful. Twitter limits following activity to 2000 accounts unless you can showcase to Twitter that you have an equal or higher number of followers than the number of accounts that you are following.

Twitter states clearly that each account can follow 2000 people. After that you have to earn your trust on Twitter. If you’ve been aggressively using Twitter by following people with an effort to gain followers, but you have not been followed back that much, then your account may be at risk of being limited to following of 2000 people. This is not a hypothetical limit – it is a reality of many accounts seen on a daily basis on Twitter.

If you are able to go over the 2000 limit it is best to continue being mindful about your Twitter account by keeping the following/follower ratio even, or higher in followers. This is Twitter’s practice to prevent ongoing spamming of the Twitter server space and its users.

Summary: Choose carefully who you follow so that you can go over the 2000 limit and that you won’t be stuck with an audience (followers) who is not that interested in your field or niche.

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