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Google+ Improves Layout Design, User Interfaces and Overall Site Usability

Google+ has launched a redesign of its pages with an emphasis on much needed improvements in usability.

The most significant change is a reorganization and redesign of the social media site’s navigation. The menu bar now displays as column on the left with large icons that clearly indicate the section one is in. Additionally, the improved navigation makes it now more user intuitive to switch between personal Google+ page and company Google+ page. This task was extremely cumbersome in the prior version of the navigation.

Additional changes to mention are improvements to hangouts, integration of the Picasa photo editor, new Explore page, and a slider feature in circles.

As far as the new design is concerned, there has already been critical remarks about its odd whitespace on the right side and the obvious mimicking of Facebook with the new profile banner.

The official Google+ promotional videos puts a happy face to these changes: