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Android Mobile App Development Efforts Boosted by PayPal

The deadline is May 14, 2011 to submit an e-commerce driven Android mobile app to PayPal X Developer Challenge. Dallas Mobile App Development company Interaria sees this is as a very clever way for PayPal to get access to tons of new app software and pick the best codes for developing their secure payment systems for Android phones. In the future PayPal will for sure feature a growing number of PayPal driven Android compatible shopping experiences (mobile apps) on their website thanks to the input from this challenge.

Click here to read more about the PayPal X Developer Challenge.

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Google +1 Button

Relying on your social networks’ recommendations is the new trend to which Google is also tapping in with their recently announced +1 like feature. So far the reception of this news hasn’t been crazy excited. Somehow the idea feels forced and too close to what Facebook is already doing. Regardless, Google is an institution and will most likely get people tapping their fingers. This is an additional factor to be taken into account in SEO. Google will for sure keep their heads up in trying to prevent any artificial +1 liking with the aim of showing up higher in search results. Dallas web design & SEO company Interaria follows closely the +1 development by Google and will advise our clients accordingly.


Manage Twitter Follower Base With 5 Easy-To-Use Web Apps

Interaria has selected and tested five Twitter Management Apps that help you refine your Twitter follower base: Twit Cleaner, JustUnfollow, tweepsync, ManageFlitter, and fllwrs. Continue reading Manage Twitter Follower Base With 5 Easy-To-Use Web Apps