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Optimizing Google’s AdWords For Mobile Devices

By far, the dominant advertising platform on the web is Google’s AdWords. Up until very recently, Google’s AdWords was fine with serving ads to mobile devices that linked to pages with Flash content. In a recent change in policy, Google’s AdWords seems to now block serving pay-per-click ads to mobile devices (iPad/iPhone/Android) if the advertised website being linked to in the ad has any Flash running on it. This includes websites running javascript coded “Flash-checkers”.  Google’s AdWords now requires that at least on your site’s initial landing/home page where you may have used a Javascript based Flash checker, you’ll now need to instead add specialized web code for checking what type of device has arrived to your home page, and then auto-route a visitor to appropriate mobile friendly Flash free content.

The situation is definitely not completely clear yet because Google hasn’t made any official statements on the matter.  Since Goolge’s own Android mobile platform supports Flash this new policy is interesting, and appears to cater the growing market of iPhone and iPad users.

Dallas Web design & development company Interaria follows the developments of AdWord policy closely. Interaria specializes in coding websites that are “Google-friendly”.

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The Fascinating Early Days of a “Web Page”

While doing a thorough spring cleaning and sorting to our office cabinets, we found this interesting, revealing article from September 1996 issue of “MacUser”. On the cover the magazine advertises the fastest Mac or PC ever, 225 MHZ PowerTower Pro. To give some context, today computers are built in the range of several GHz.

On page 99, MacUser shows easy steps to create an “Instant Home Page” with basic proportional images (that would not break the layout structure) and text information.  The article mentions Adobe PageMill 1.0 as the most popular Mac website creation tool of the time and that PageMill 1.0 was not capable of using tables for layout or for image maps. Over the last decade there’s been a movement towards table-free layouts and instead utilizing CSS for layout and styling, so it’s almost hard to recount a time when using tables for a layout was something new and technically advanced.

The key elements of a web page were already there in 1996: According to the article, the key content areas of a Web page are “info that let visitors to get to know you, links to other Web sites, and  a way to contact you via e-mail”. The magazine also recommends a visitor counter as a “fancy twist” which does not sound like a bad idea at all considering how much emphasis is put today on “invisible” visitor traffic tracking metrics tools.

Web page development started in 1994 so by 1996 the user could already display images to the web page making them a great deal more visual. On the other hand, navigation for instance remained HTML link based and button shapes were available but made very little use of until a year later in 1997.

1996 may have felt a big step from the very early ages of World Wide Web back in 1994 when very few people were aware of this emerging technology and communication platform. Here is a popular YouTube video of NBC news team discussing Web terminology back in 1994. The terminology is new and the Internet is still something abstract and rather geeky sounding.


Our Top Five Favorite iPhone Apps

As many of you may know, Dallas Web Design Company Interaria is a REGISTERED iOS Apple developer. Our love for the iPhone manifests on and off work. Below are our favorite iPhone apps that we find useful, entertaining and occasionally even practical.

1) Polytune iPhone App

PolyTune is an innovate tool to use for tuning your guitar. Unlike other guitar tuners, PolyTune let’s you strum all strings at once to tune rather than needing to go string by string. Our top reasons why we like Polytune iPhone App:

  • $4.99 (OK, we can pay this)
  • Innovative tool because when strumming once all strings at the same time and getting feedback on all strings at once, you can then tune faster by tuning more than one string per interval.
  • Gives an immediate visual indication as to how in tune the guitar is as a whole, rather than the string by string approach.
  • Often times you know from playing that one string alone might be slightly out, and this tool is a great way to quickly identify which string is out verses going string by string.
2) Verizon FiOS DVR Manager iPhone App

If Verizon FiOS is your tv service provider, and you use their DVR service too, you can use this app to schedule recordings and manage available recording space on your DVR. Our top reasons why we like Verizon FiOS DVR Manager iPhone App:

  • Free (only works with Verizon FiOS DVR)
  • Managing DVR is easier and faster from app than from the tv interface (which is a horrible experience by comparison)
  • If you’re out and about and forgot to record a show, app makes it easy to update from anywhere
3) Find My iPhone App

If you have two iPhones on the same .me account, Find My iPhone is a handy way to track one with the other. Our top reasons why we like Find My iPhone App:

  • Free (unlike the AT&T and many other GPS tracking service)
  • If you lose an iPhone or lose a person with an iPhone (such as at a large mall), this app comes in very handy.
  • Doesn’t require the iPhone being tracked to grant permission to be tracked, unlike other GPS tracking services

4) Ebay iPhone App

The eBay application for the iPhone is specially designed to run natively on the Apple iPhone and the iPod Touch. Using a streamlined interface that’s as elegant as it is practical, eBay members can search, bid, and check their activity on the go. Our top reasons why we like Ebay iPhone App:

  • Easy to use and so convenient
  • Great tool to place bids when on the go
  • If you are a seller, this app provides the basic tools to keep track of your listings and their status.
  • Ebay also offers a special app for sellers. It is still little tricky to use. Listing items via iPhone is possible but the visual control is not quite there yet. We would still recommend traditional methods for listing items.

5) Trivial Pursuit iPhone App

PLAY FOR THE PURSUIT OF FUN! Show off what you know in this contemporary version of the classic board game. Our top reasons why we like Trivial Pursuit iPhone App:

  • If you get annoyed with by slow family members who take forever to roll the dice, count the steps, take out the question card (from the wrong side), then place it wrongly back to the deck…then this app is for you.
  • Makes playing easy to start, and in a way is a more quiet way to play. We’ve noticed that it is easy to play a round at a coffee break
  • The app let’s you choose questions from multiple type of packs (easy, medium, senior, encyclopedia etc.)
  • The downside is that the questions start repeating after awhile… or maybe we’ve just played too many rounds