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Twitter Launching Enhanced Brand Pages

Twitter has just launched enhanced brand pages update to a small selection of brands and partners. Twitter will be rolling out the launch for a wider audience likely soon although no specific time frame has been provided. The shift is towards a more visual and contextual brand page, with the following new features:

  • wide banner image under the account information
  • featured “promoted” tweet at the top of the page
  • consistency between different Twitter apps and web

Google+ Is Now Open for Business Pages

Google+ is now open for businesses. Just like in Facebook, you need to first create a personal page before being able to create a business page. Interaria’s new Google+ page is at: So far it appears that Google+ does not offer business name based URLs. If you have any questions about how to get your company listed in Google+, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Social Media Monitoring Tools Give Competitive Edge

Learning as much as possible about brand’s social media audience gives a competitive edge in identifying consumer behavior and hence improving both product development and target marketing. The larger the company, the more systematic the monitoring needs to be in order to gather all relevant data into “actionable intelligence” . Software tools provide help in monitoring and analyzing social media audience and trending topics and opinions. One of the most advanced software tools available is Crimson Hexagon’s Harvard developed data mining “listening” software algorithms. More accessible social media monitoring tools, also recommended for a small and mid-size business use, are currently provided by Google, Hootsuite, TrackUr, Klout and Facebook Insights.

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