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Changing Flash Media

Interaria’s Web Designer Meri Kuusi-Shields, in her blog Web Beats, is outlining development patterns for the shifting role and symbolism of Flash media. Click here to read the blog entry.


Does Your Company Need a Blog?

Interaria can set up any blog type – WordPress, Moveable Type, TypePad, Blogger, ExpressionEngine, Serendipity – for your company and customize it according to your company’s preferences and brand identity / messaging. You don’t need to settle on a basic template. Blogs can be fully designed, customized and personalized, just like regular web sites. We also provide solutions that update your company’s Twitter page automatically, each time a new entry has been added to your blog. Give us a call at 214-909-3900 or fill out our contact form.


Laid-Back Sites

Interaria website takes a step away from metaphors and meanings, aiming simply to please the visual eye. We thought, what if this time a lighthouse would be just a lighthouse, and not a symbol for vision, and water just water, a pure and simple element without a double twist. The concept was influenced by the idea of mesmerizing screen savers and travels around the world. Our site is a tribute to the organic world, even when things get stressful. This type of honesty can always be attacked as naivety but we feel pretty laid-back with our decisions.