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Comparing Web Design Portfolios

Many graphic design/web design & development portfolios out there showcase lots of visual screenshots with very little text and explanation to give any context to the work done. Moreover, often times the strictly image based portfolios feature personal website sketches or work that was never launched. Third issue is over-crediting: when a freelance designer links to the Hilton Hotels’ website and gives no context what so ever about his/her involvement in the development project, it goes without saying, that taking credit has become more important than objectively reflecting the work done.

Unlike many portfolios out there, each website design & development project in the Interaria’s portfolio is provided with a link to the actual website, the final result. Each website project in our Dallas Web design company portfolio includes a detailed case study that clearly outlines our work load and the results. We believe transparency in order for our potential clients to be fully able to assess each company and ultimately find the best match for their needs. It serves us best that the client knows what they are signing up for. Click here to visit Interaria Portfolio.


Interaria CMS Solutions – For the customized look

Content Management is the latest buzz word that almost any relevant web design and development company needs to drop to their website in order to come across current. We are no different. However, we enter to this game head held high: Interaria has been developing for several years now custom content management solutions for our clients. We do not just integrate open source content management systems with our websites and call them our own. Our content management systems are custom coded with PHP/MySQL database language, and each feature is fully customized according to the website development needs of our clients. We do utilize some open source aspects (such as text editor) but unlike most public content management systems, our system is always customized to make each design and style possible – never the other way around. In fact, if you go through our portfolio, you can note that it is almost impossible to point what sections of each website are integrated with a content management system. There aren’t any generic template looks – the code base is seamless, smooth and integrated with each company’s corporate web identity. Learn more about Interaria CMS solutions.


Let the Blogging Begin!

Welcome to the Interaria Blog! Interaria’s Web designer Meri Kuusi-Shields has been blogging quite some time about design and interaction in her personal and editorial blog “web beats“. In this blog our focus in on the official Interaria company news and key industry trends and technology. We have embedded this WordPress based blog into our website, and coded its CSS to match with our company’s Web identity. This is an option if your company doesn’t want to run a blog in a different domain name. Regardless where you want to run your blog, any chosen template design can be further customized to seamlessly integrate and merge with your company’s corporate / brand identity. As always, please contact Interaria for setting up your company’s next blog.