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Promising Steps with Internet Explorer 9

If you surf the Internet with various Web browsers, you’ve most likely noticed that Web content may render differently depending on the browser. The older the browser, the longer rendering of the Web content and more potential rough spots with the visual rendering of HTML and image & graphics content. For instance, older version of Internet Explorer browsers tend to render text choppier, making large size HTML text noticeably edgy and funky.

The much anticipated launch of Internet Explorer 9 in 2011 – they just released the beta version – should bring improvements to many common quirks. On September 15, 2010 Microsoft issued a press release detailing their new Internet Explorer browser that will be based more on Web standards: Web coded content should appear more consistent between browsers and the speed of rendering should be faster as well. Microsoft is at least taking promising steps in acknowledging the importance of consistency in the cross-browser user experience.

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Laid-Back Sites

Interaria website takes a step away from metaphors and meanings, aiming simply to please the visual eye. We thought, what if this time a lighthouse would be just a lighthouse, and not a symbol for vision, and water just water, a pure and simple element without a double twist. The concept was influenced by the idea of mesmerizing screen savers and travels around the world. Our site is a tribute to the organic world, even when things get stressful. This type of honesty can always be attacked as naivety but we feel pretty laid-back with our decisions.


Comparing Web Design Portfolios

Many graphic design/web design & development portfolios out there showcase lots of visual screenshots with very little text and explanation to give any context to the work done. Moreover, often times the strictly image based portfolios feature personal website sketches or work that was never launched. Third issue is over-crediting: when a freelance designer links to the Hilton Hotels’ website and gives no context what so ever about his/her involvement in the development project, it goes without saying, that taking credit has become more important than objectively reflecting the work done.

Unlike many portfolios out there, each website design & development project in the Interaria’s portfolio is provided with a link to the actual website, the final result. Each website project in our Dallas Web design company portfolio includes a detailed case study that clearly outlines our work load and the results. We believe transparency in order for our potential clients to be fully able to assess each company and ultimately find the best match for their needs. It serves us best that the client knows what they are signing up for. Click here to visit Interaria Portfolio.