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Social Media Is The Internet

Social media manager Mel Carson from Microsoft makes the following points in this video:
• Internet is inherently social
• Think of social media across your marketing
• There is always something you can do with your marketing that has a social element

Carson talks about increasing social elements that connect the consumer with your brand.

To summarize, social media has a dual power: it sends out brand interaction invitations and it grows and reinforces brand through the interaction, hence social media elements are crucial in the efforts of increasing brand recognition.

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Facebook Introduces Timeline Formatted Profiles

Facebook has just introduced its new addition to the Facebook experience: Profile timelines. All Facebook users’ profiles will be converted to the timeline format after an “undiclosed grace period”. The emphasis is on the visual impact and to create deeper layered user profiles.

Game On at The Google+ Project

It’s official: friends and family can now get together at Google+ for two decades worth of board games. This new feature has been well promoted in Google’s blogs and YouTube Channel.