America's Best Express

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Web Design and Development
Logo design
Web branding: professional, engaging, friendly brand experience
Website graphics design
Website layout design
Website architecture design
CSS, XHTML, PHP web code development
Web Applications
Customer Registration Web Application
Customer Login Web Application
Secure Password Retrieval Web Application
My Account Management Web Application
Schedule a Delivery Web Application
Track a Delivery Web Application
Email Message system Web Application
For Driver: Delivery Verification System
For Admin: Manage Driver Accounts
For Admin: Assign Delivery Jobs for Drivers
For Admin: Manage Customer Accounts
Content Management
Customer Accounts Management System
Driver Accounts Management System
Optimized metatags, titles and keywords
Social Media
Social media icons and linking

Project Summary
America's Best Express (ABE) is a Dallas, Texas based courier service company. Interaria was called in to design and develop a data base driven shipment scheduling and management website infused with several custom web applications including shipping rate calculators, customer registration system, schedule shipment online features, online tracking by weight and pictures - just to name few. This fully custom designed and coded website showcases Dallas web design company Interaria's ability and experience to develop custom web application driven Web media, without compromising Web design principles and each client's unique brand messaging goals.


Project in Detail

��Professional & engaging Web presence
� Equally appealing to both private and business clients
� Equally appealing to both men and women
� Cross-regional appeal for being able to expand business, not regionally tied
� Comfortable all American small business feel

� Open wide screen Web graphics design
� Trustworthy dark blue and hue blue color palette
� Call to action symbolized with light orange (color that trickers activity)
� Modern layout style that doesn't age over-night.
��Web layout which can be further integrated with more identity details and content as the business grows

� Four level architecture and user-rights: visitor, logged in customer, driver, and admin
� Intuitive dynamic navigation structure: placing relevant links according to logging status
� Possibility to grow number of pages as much as needed with expanding menu system
� Quick access to shipping calculator based on several criteria (weight, delivery time, weekend)
� Quick access to zip code based shipping area cheekier
� Secure password retrieval system
� User Account systems to create and track shipments

Optimized Web Graphics: Optimized Web Graphics for the Web with pixel level precision for speeding page load times.

Custom XHTML programming: Custom coded Extensible HTML (XHTML) coded page layout structure optimized for decreasing page load times.

Custom CSS programming: Custom coded Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) for defining the website's look and style in one centralized file.

SSI / PHP programming: Custom coded Server Side Includes (PHP) which breaks the XHTML coded page into sections which further increases page caching and speeds load times.

Custom Javascript, AJAX programming & Widgets: Custom coded HTML and javascript for the display of Flash elements. AJAX image viewing system for pick-up and delivery verification photos

Several custom designed and coded PHP/MySQL Web applications for creating a full online booking and management service for a courier company. Unique applications for customers include custom coded shipping calculator (based on weight, delivery time and week day) and a custom coded service area checker. Visitors have the ability to create a customer account and schedule shipments online. They can track each shipment and view images to confirm the pick-up and delivery condition and status of the shipped packages.

Drivers have the ability to login and check shipments (gigs) assigned to them. They have a full control to update tracking log with new shipment information and pick-up and delivery photos. Drives can also generate new shipments.

Admin has access to a full dash board of data driven Web applications to manage the business:
� Management of customer accounts: Access all customer accounts, manage tracking logs, create new shipments, update pending balances
� Management of driver accounts: Assign delivery tasks for drivers, Add new drivers, Create special instruction lists for drivers
� Management of delivery areas: Add new delivery areas
� Management of shipping calculator: Update rate variables

� Optimizing metatags, titles, and description tags
� Keyword analysis
� Following & improving search results
� Currently focusing on creating more key word rich text content

Currently on going. As a step 1, work is scheduled to include:
� Establishing a Twitter page and policy for modern communication
� Integrating social media icons to the website
� Encouraging social media participation

Logo design
Web site identity and layout graphics design
Flash development
AJAX based image view system
PHP/MySQL database coded data driven dynamic features

Dynamic Web applications include:
� Login system
� User account systems (for customers, drivers, Admin)
� Custom shipping fee calculator based on several criteria (weight, delivery time, weekend)
� Zip code based shipping area checker
� Customer: Create a Shipment Request
� Driver: Upload shipment verification data and photos
� Admin: Create shipment requests
��Admin: Manage customer accounts/balance
� Admin: Assign delivery tasks for drivers
� Admin: Create special instruction lists for drivers
� Admin: add new drivers, add new delivery areas
� Automated customer notification system upon delivery

Design Elements:

Additional Information:
Please contact Dallas Web Design Company Interaria at 214-909-3900 for more information about this project or our Web design and development services.

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